JROTC Instructors: Employment FAQs

CNACI - Applicability/Notice

JROTC highly advises Applicants not move to their new locations until they have been deemed SUITABLE by the Centralized Suitability Service Center OR until their Childcare Investigation has been completed. JROTC will not reimburse moving expenses. Applicants will not be cost-shared until they have been found SUITABLE to enter the classroom.

How does JROTC IMD calculate gray area retired pay for MIP purposes?

Due to Gray Area Instructors not receiving retired pay, IMD must simulate a retired pay in order to calculate a MIP. Instructor’s total years of service equals a percentage of the basic pay at year of retirement. Twenty years of service equals 50% with each additional year of service and additional 2.5% of base pay. This calculation is maxed at thirty years of service equal to 75% of base pay.
Gray Area Memo (.pdf)

Why can I only be hired on a ten month cost shared contract?

New Hire Ten Month Contract MEMO JAN 2015 (.pdf)

Will I recieve two separate payments, school and JROTC?

No. Your employing school will pay the full MIP salary. JROTC will reimburse directly to the school district 50% of the MIP.

When can a district expect cost share payments?

JROTC cost share reimbursements are typically made between the 4th through the 10th of the next month. So January reimbursement will occur in February; February in March and so on.

Why is MIP daily rate calculated by 30 days instead of the schools calendar?

MIP is calculated using active duty entitlements. Active duty pay is based on 30 day months, regardless of 28 or 31 days in the month.

I'm a ten month cost shared Instructor, but the school pays me bi-weekly, how is my bi-weekly paycheck calculated?

Bi-weekly pay checks are normally calculated by dividing your ANNUAL MIP by the number of actual pay checks during the school year. Your Bi-weekly pay will be less than monthly MIP, but will equal your annual MIP at the end of the school year.

I'm transferring schools, will my MIP change?

School zip codes are the basis for VHA entitlement rates. If you change schools, your zip code will change which may cause a change in VHA rate. Note, if you are rate BAH protected, a change in school (zip code) will result in loss of the BAH protection.

How do I obtain a copy of my MIP statements?

Since May of 2015, all Army JROTC MIP statements are posted to your MyPay account. If you have trouble logging in, you must contact MyPay directly. If you need statements that are not located on MyPay, please contact your servicing pay technician.

I don't think I'm receiving MIP, can you help?

First you should discuss this matter with your school district finance office. Often it is a simple miscalculation. If your pay issue is still not resolved to your satisfaction, you may contact your servicing pay technician or submit an inquiry to jrotcpay@usacc.army.mil along with ALL pay stubs or a consolidated salary report from your school district for the time period in question. A pay review will be started by your servicing pay technician. Please include ALL salary information. We cannot assist you if you have any missing pay data.

How can my school district receive reimbursement for additional ten days cost share?

Instructors who perform JCLC, JLAB, JSOCC, and/or attend required Brigade conference/training may receive up to a combined max of ten additional days of MIP/Cost Share. To receive the additional days, a memo on school letterhead must be submitted to your servicing brigade for processing. The memo must include the instructor’s name, event type, and the exact dates of attendance.

Why am I required to work past my DD 2767 dates?

School work schedules may never align with the cost shared dates submitted on your annual DD Form 2767. Note, the DD Form 2767 is for MIP and cost shared purposes. As long as your school contract length and cost shared length match, you will receive full MIP and the school will receive full cost share.

I am leaving my current school at the end of my cost shared contract but my school is requiring me to work past that date to close out, how can I recieve MIP for that time?

You must adjust your letter of retirement or resignation and provide a new DD 2767 for the exact dates of work.

Why is my pay different than an Instructor with the same grade

Factors such as gross retired pay, total years of service and dependent status directly affect MIP calculation.

How do I receive more pay from the school?

Any additional pay above MIP is strictly negotiated between the school district and JROTC instructors.

What documents are required to update dependent status?

DD Form 2754 submitted through your JCIMS account or through your brigade along with any supporting documents for your claimed dependent status.

When should I submit my new school year DD 2767?

New school year DD 2767 are due NLT 30 days before the start of the new school year. DD 2767 must be submitted through your JCIMS account. Late submissions may result in loss of MIP/Cost share.

I submitted my 2767, when should I see the new dates?

You should see your DD2767 dates updates up-to a few weeks after the start of your new school year.

My school and/or district information is incorrect, now do I update my 2767?

Contact your servicing Brigade to ensure any change documentation has been submitted to IMD.