Employment FAQs

U.S. Army Junior ROTC Instructor Employment Frequently Asked Questions.

JROTC highly advises Applicants not move to their new locations until they have been deemed SUITABLE by the Centralized Suitability Service Center OR until their Tier 1 with Childcare Investigation has been completed. JROTC will not reimburse moving expenses. Applicants will not be hired until they have been found SUITABLE to enter the classroom.
New Hires are only ten and eleven month cost shared per OPORD dates 21Mar19, the number months is at the discretion of the District not JROTC.
No. Your employing school will pay the full MIP salary. JROTC will reimburse directly to the school district 50% of the MIP.
JROTC cost share reimbursements are made up to the 15th of the month following payroll month. Example January will occur in February, February in March and so on.
Pay is based on 30 day months, regardless of 28, 29 or 31 days in the month.
Bi-weekly pay checks are normally calculated by dividing your ANNUAL MIP by the number of actual pay checks during the school year. Your Bi-weekly pay will be less than monthly MIP, but will equal your annual MIP at the end of the school year.
Since May of 2015, all Army JROTC MIP statements are posted to your MyPay account. If you have trouble logging in, you must contact MyPay directly. If you need statements that are not located on MyPay, please contact your servicing pay technician.
First you should discuss this matter with your school district finance office. Often it is a simple miscalculation. If your pay issue is still not resolved to your satisfaction, you may contact your servicing pay technician or submit an inquiry to usarmy.knox.usacc.mbx.hq-jrotc-pay@army.mil along with ALL pay stubs or a consolidated salary report from your school district for the time period in question. A pay review will be started by your servicing pay technician. Please include ALL salary information. We cannot assist you if you have any missing pay data.
Only instructor on a ten month contract only are authorized the additional ten days per OPORD dated 21Mar19. Instructors who perform JCLC, JLAB, JSOCC, and/or attend required Brigade conference/training may receive up to a combined max of ten additional days of MIP/Cost Share. To receive the additional days, a memo on school letterhead must be submitted to your servicing brigade for processing. The memo must include the instructor’s name, event type, and the exact dates of attendance.
School work schedules may never align with the cost shared dates submitted on your annual DD Form 2767. Note, the DD Form 2767 is for MIP and cost shared purposes. As long as your school contract length and cost shared length match, you will receive full MIP and the school will receive full cost share.
Any additional pay above MIP is strictly negotiated between the school district and JROTC instructors.
All corrections to DD 2767 require a signed memo from the district explaining the reason for the change. It also required a corrected DD2767. This is to be sent to the Brigade so they can forward to the correct pay technician.

Published - FRAGO 3 to USACC OPORD 24-02-008 JROTC National Raider Challenge 051200(EST)JUL24