Curriculum Management System (CMS)

Curriculum Management System (CMS) is an Army’s Learning Management System which provides Instructors easier access to the Army JROTC and third-party curriculum resources. The CMS consist of a software application that integrates Classroom Performance System (Clickers) and a website, SMARTCadet, that organizes all the Army JROTC Curriculum materials into a centralized repository.  All Core and Elective lessons are hosted in both locations, allowing instructors to search and filter lessons by LET Level, Unit, and Credit.

CMS consists of:

  • CM Cloud
  • Curriculum Resources (Lesson Plans, Student Learning Plans, Performance Assessment Tasks, Unit/LET e-textbooks and Cadet Notebooks (FKA-Cadet Desk References)
  • *Cadet Distance Learning Classroom
  • Portfolio checklist: Instructor / Cadet
  • Elective Enhancements

For CMS support email:

*Note: Cadet DL Classroom has been curated specifically for cadets who are enrolled in JROTC but for whatever reason cannot be physically in the classroom. Cadets are assigned self-paced lesson by the instructor, the instructor then in return can monitor the cadets’ progress.