East Helena High School Year In Review

Story and Photos by: LTC (R) Mark Smith

Army JROTC East Helena High School in East Helena, Montana had a very busy 2023.

10 March 2023 – JROTC Students Host their first Dining Out. Students also take part in a
traditional Punch “Grog) Bowl ceremony within which items such as an apple to represent
strong on the outside and sweet on the inside, red, white, and blue Gatorade to represent the
colors of the United States flag, and an Army t-shirt to represent sweat and dedication, among
other ingredients, have been added. The partaking of the grog culminates in a toast to the East
Helena JROTC students.

28 March 2023 – CDT CPT Jasmine Sim (left) and CDT PFC Clinton Kendall (right) compete at the
Montana State Archery Competition. CDT PFC Kendall had the highest score among 9th grade

10 April 2023 – Cadets visit the Unit Training Equipment Site (UTES) maintenance facility at Fort
Harrison, Montana Army National Guard.

21 April 2023 – Cadets bowl at the Sleeping Giant Bowling lanes as part of a team building

22 April 2023 – Cadets take a Helicopter Orientation Flight over East Helena, MT and the
surrounding mountains and Missouri River.

6 May 2023 – Cadets receive a tour of the Air National Guard base in Great Falls, MT.

29 April 2023 – Cadets clean up Main Street, East Helena, MT as part of the Montana Adopt a Highway Program.

23 May 2023 – Cadets conduct land navigation training at Limestone Hills training area, Townsend, MT.

27 May 2023 – Cadets honor the deceased veterans at St Ann’s cemetery in East Helena by placing flags at the headstones of these veterans.

27 May 2023 – Cadets have lunch with, then interview military Veterans from VFW Post #10010,
East Helena, MT. These interviews were part of the cadet’s Service-Learning project they
developed to honor military veterans.

29 May 2023 – Cadets participate in the East Helena Memorial Day Parade.

3 June 2023 – The color guard posts the colors during the graduation ceremony at East Helena
High School.

12-15 June 2023 – Cadets participate in their JROTC Cadet Leadership Challenge (JCLC) in the
training areas at Fort Harrison, MT and Limestone Hills, Townsend, MT.

Published - FRAGO 2 to USACC OPORD 24-02-008 JROTC National Raider Challenge 071600(EST)JUN24