RADC Drone World Championships

New event – Teams learn about drones, flight principles, programming, documentation, and communication skills while expanding their understanding of and building interest in drone-related workforce and career opportunities.

Event Information:

JROTC National Drone Championship: 04-06 Apr 2024, Batesville, MS

Southeast Drone Championship: 12-13 Apr 2024, Jackson, MS 

North Central Drone Championship: 17-19 May 2024, Flint, MI

Northeast Drone Championship: 17-18 May 2024, Fairmont, WV

West Drone Championship: 31 May – 1 Jun 2024, Farmington, UT

For more information, visit: https://adc-kb.recf.org/hc/en-us/articles/16640573083543-Aerial-Drone-Competition-Frequently-Asked-Questions-FAQ-

Published - FRAGO 2 to USACC OPORD 24-02-008 JROTC National Raider Challenge 071600(EST)JUN24