Diamond Hill-Jarvis High School Army JROTC Eagle Battalion Hosted the 22nd Annual 9/11 Ceremony

Story by: C/PFC Ayana Webb
Photos by: SGM (R) Paulette Nash

The Diamond Hill-Jarvis (DH-J) High School JROTC Eagle Battalion hosted the 22nd annual 9/11 Ceremony in collaboration with the DHJ HS Choir and the DHJ HS Band in honor of the lives lost during the 9/11 attacks. The ceremony took place on the morning of September 11, 2023, in front of the school’s flagpole. It was a poignant tribute to honor the memory of the 2,977 innocent lives lost in the tragic events of September 11, 2001. The ceremony was a powerful reminder of the importance of unity, remembrance, and paying tribute to those who sacrificed so much on that fateful day. Cadets of the Eagle Battalion worked with members of the choir and band to make the event meaningful to the members of the school and members of the community who were in attendance.

The patriotic ceremony featured a moment of silence and the singing of the national anthem by members of the DH-J Choir. Sneer drummer Rudy Rodriguez from the DH-J Band played drum rolls as the flag was raised and Trumpeter Cristian Dominguez from the DH-J Band played the mournful tune of Taps as the flag was lowered to half-staff. Cadets C/2LT Liseth Pacheco and C/PFC Clara Mendieta lay a memorial wreath in remembrance of the many lives lost during the terrorist attacks of 9/11. Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Ruben Reyes, the Battalion Commander gave the remarks for the ceremony. In his remarks, C/LTC Reyes noted that many of the attendees did not have a firsthand recollection of the events of 9/11 because of their ages but that it was important for them to be aware of what happened on that day. C/LTC Reyes told the attendees that the only way for Americans to triumph over terrorism, and conquer the senseless tragedy of that horrific day, was for everyone to celebrate the kindness of the human spirit demonstrated by many on that day. C/LTC Reyes went on further to say that everyone should continue to support our elected officials and members of the Armed Forces as they work diligently to prevent a repeat of a similar tragic event. The event was well attended. In attendance were the principal (Interim) Guadalupe Barreto, Assistant Principals Jose Luna and Maria Bustamante Blanchard, teachers, faculty members, students, and parents. Many positive sentiments were received regarding the event. Worthy of mentioning, is the comments received from Assistant Principal Luna. Assistant Principal Luna said, “The ceremony was a powerful reminder of the importance of unity, remembrance, and paying tribute to those who sacrificed so much on that fateful day.” Assistant Principal Luna went on to say that, our commitment to commemorating this significant day is a testament to the strength of our school community and serves as a reminder that we stand together, resilient and united. Another honorary mention was comments from Assistant Principal Bustamante Blanchard who said she was proud of all the students and staff who put the ceremony together and for guiding the DH-J campus in honoring and paying tribute to the people and events surrounding 911.