Davenport High School JROTC Quilts of Valor

On Friday, September 9th, 2022 Cadets from the Davenport High School JROTC program had the distinct honor and privilege of supporting the Vietnam Veterans Quilts of Valor ceremony. This event was held at the Vietnam Army Grunts Museum in San Antonio TX. The Cadets assisted with the setup, served as ushers for the VIPs, as well as  presented the Quilts in honor of the dedicated service of Vietnam   Veterans from across the region. Mr. Joe Bray CASA served as the MC for this event.

Mr. Joseph Bray, Civilian Aide to the Secretary of the Army
Michael Lynd Sr., Founder of the Vietnam Army Grunt Museum
Matthew Modine, Actor “Full Metal Jacket”
Cadets presenting the Quilt of Valor to a Vietnam Veteran

For more Information on the Quilts of Valor, please see the link below:
https://www.qovf.org/ (external link)

For more Information on the Vietnam Army Grunts Museum, please see the link below: https://vietnamgrunts.org/ (external link)

Additional feedback from C/CSM Noah Mosley: “I thought that being able to go to this event, help, escort, and present the veterans with quilts was an incredible experience. To see the joy and happiness on their faces as they were honored and congratulated was awesome. But I think that one of the best things that we were able to give them while we were there (outside of the presentation of the quilts) was that we showed them that our generation truly honor and value their sacrifices and service – to listen to their stories, thank them for their service, tell jokes and smile and laugh together. Being able to meet such an incredible amount of veterans from all different walks of life was certainly something I won’t forget, and I hope we gave them a very memorable experience as well.”