Cretin Derham Hall High School Army JROTC Cadet Promotions

Story and Photos by: Julie Wengelewski

The Cretin-Derham Hall High School Army JROTC annual Diamond Promotion Ceremony took place on September 15. The Cadets who were promoted will fill key leadership positions within the Raider Brigade for the remainder of the school year. Emma Butler ’24 was appointed the 107th Brigade Commander in the Corps of Cadets’ 100-plus year history and Katie O’Donnell ’24 was appointed Deputy Brigade Commander. 

During the first seven years of the program, the senior Cadet held the rank of Major. In 1925, the increased size of the Corps justified a Cadet Colonel. In 1933 and 1945, there were two commanders appointed.

The Martel Saber is presented to the new Cadet Colonel by their predecessor. The saber is an important symbol of the position of Brigade Commander. In 2006, it replaced the Patton Saber which now hangs in a place of honor in the JROTC hallway. The Senior Class that year donated the Martel Saber in memory of Brother Alphonsus Martel, a beloved teacher at Cretin High School and Cretin-Derham Hall for over 30 years who passed away in April 2004. Brother Martel was a dear friend and mentor of the Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps.

The event’s name stems from the shape of the rank for Cadet Colonel (three diamonds), Lieutenant Colonel (two diamonds) and Major (one diamond). Cadets wear these insignia on the shoulders of their uniform.

The ceremony occurred annually at Cretin High School from 1918 to 1982. Cretin-Derham Hall renewed the tradition in 1987.

We are grateful for the support of all the CDH students, parents, alumni, administration, and faculty.

September 15, 2023 Cadet Promotions 

Colonel — Brigade Commander

Emma Butler ’24

Lieutenant Colonel — Brigade Deputy Commander

Katie O’Donnell ’24

Lieutenant Colonel — Brigade Executive Officer

Josie Thomas ’24

Lieutenant Colonel — 3rd Battalion Commander

Cameron Kawalec ’24

Lieutenant Colonel — 4th Battalion Commander

Lillian Moore ’24

Lieutenant Colonel — 5th Battalion Commander

Maggie Frost ’24

Lieutenant Colonel — 7th Battalion Commander

Dani Rubbelke ’24

Lieutenant Colonel — Brigade S3

Finn Dougherty ’24

Major — Brigade S1

Elizabeth Barnett ’24

Major — Brigade S2

Nolan Heuerman ’24

Major — Brigade S4

Norah Goddard ’24

Major — Brigade S5

Olivia Evans ’24

Major — 3rd Battalion Executive Officer

Max Laughlin ’24

Major — 4th Battalion Executive Officer

Kelly Hannon ’24 

Major — 5th Battalion Executive Officer

Annabel Fulton ’24

Major — 7th Battalion Executive Officer

Mary Musolf ’24