Concordia Lutheran High School Army JROTC VEX Robotics Excellence Award

Authored by: MAJ (R) John Sheaffer
Photos by: Darla Eigenschink

The Concordia Lutheran High School Army JROTC Robo Rangers won their 3rd VEX Robotics Excellence Award National Title in 4 years! The highest award that can be earned at VEX Worlds. The Excellence Award recognizes overall excellence in both the Judged Award and the Performance Award categories for the best overall V5 VEX Robotics program.

Concordia Lutheran JROTC won their first Excellence Award National Title during the 2021-2022 school year. The Cadets brought home their second Excellence National Title in SY 2022-2023. On 30 May in Dallas, Texas the Robo Rangers secured their third Excellence Award National Title. Concordia Lutheran has 5 robotics teams with 36 members. They won the following awards at VEX Worlds on 30 April 2024:

33112C – Robo Rangers: Conrad Sarge E. Poo: Excellence Award (JROTC National Champions), Division Finalist Award, 2nd Place Robotics Skills Award
33112A – Robo Rangers: Disco Inferno: Innovate Award
33112B – Robo Rangers: Atari Maniacs: Build Award
33112D – Robo Rangers: Eat Mor Chikin: Create Award
33112G – Robo Rangers: The Malibu Barbies: Think Award