Columbia High School “Eagle Battalion” continue to be “Be Humble, Be Honest, Showing Dignity and Respect to Everyone and always encourages each Cadet to be their best!”

Submitted by: LTC (R) Jim Duthu

This Week’s Activities:

The Eagle Battalion participated in the Junior Achievement Program at Williams Elementary on 6 December 2022. The Eagle Battalion sent 28 highly motivated and insightful cadets to instruct over 250 students in kindergarten through 3rd Grades.  The cadets worked as individuals and 2-person teams to mentor and teach 4 classes at each grade level.  Topics taught included Community, Money Matters, Volunteering, Entrepreneurship, and Work Readiness.  Congratulations Mighty Eagles!!!!

Pictured above (top left Madison Thomas, top right Ashlee Pangilinan and Chelsea Ramirez, bottom left Joshua Howell, bottom right Wilyam Noyola and Severo Daniel)