Classroom Performance System (CPS)

CPS Warranty Information

The protocol for Army JROTC Instructors with a clicker, or CPS which is not functioning properly, is to call Ms. Tamara Williams, Turning Technologies, directly at 303-988-2577 or 800-774-0634. Ms. Williams has assured Army JROTC that she personally will help Army JROTC Instructors take care of their repair requirements. Ms. Williams may be contacted by email at Army JROTC Instructors will need to provide the serial number for each clicker, or CPS device that requires repair. Turning Technologies maintains a list of the serial numbers in a database which tells them when the devices were manufactured and shipped.

The current CPS system we are using in our schools is no longer manufactured. The Education Division is in the process of completely updating the CM. Once this work is complete, a new CPS will be purchased for all of our programs. This is anticipated to occur in SY20/21.

CPS Warranty Information

May 15, 2019: NEW CPS System Hardware Warranty (.pdf)

Technical Specifications

  • RF Receiver SpecsĀ (.pdf)
  • QT2 Device SpecsĀ (.pdf)
CPS Classroom Performance System Image
CPS: Classroom Performance System

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