Cheyenne Central High School Cadet Gives Speech At Fallen Heroes Ceremony

Submitted by: LTC (R) Thomas W Johnson
Photo by: LTC (R) Thomas W Johnson

Cheyenne Central High School’s Cadet Reuben McGuire gave a speech at a ceremony for Cheyenne Central’s Fallen Heroes. Governor Gordon, the Mayor, and Francis E Warren Air Force Base, 90th Missile Wing attended the ceremony along with three families of our fallen heroes. 

Here is the speech he gave for the ceremony.

“Welcome Governor Gordon and all other distinguished guests to our dedication to Cheyenne Central’s Fallen Heroes. A special welcome to the Padilla family, Balland family, and Arellano family, relatives of our Fallen Heroes.   I am Cadet Reuben McGuire leader of the 2022 -23 school year Service-Learning team and your Emcee for today’s dedication.

What is service learning.  Each year JROTC has a small group of around 10 to 15 cadets that develop an idea into a community service program integrated with classroom lessons to enhance a learning experience.

This year we thought of honoring graduates from Cheyenne Central High School that died in military service in war.  We often are taught in our classes through the Medal of Honor classes of our Nationally recognized heroes and thought surely, we have heroes from our school also.  When starting the project, we found that Cheyenne Central began in 1960 but its predecessor was Cheyenne High School.  It was founded in 1869.  Our research focused on graduates that served in the military, graduated from Cheyenne High School and Cheyenne Central High School and that died in a war.  We broke that research down into eras: The Spanish American War and WWI, WWII, The Cold War, and The War on Terror.

Meanwhile, we knew we needed a budget.  We started with a fundraiser for a project we had no idea what it would look like and of course how much it would cost. Incredibly the Corps of Cadets raised $9,653.00. 

Our research was an amazing educational experience.  From PVT Charles Wilseck’s service in the Spanish American War, our Honorary graduate from Cheyenne High school, to PFC Arellano in the Iraq War.  We read amazing stories about our own Heroes from Central High school.

We received permission and guidance from Dr. Delbridge to go ahead with the project and develop a program for the community.  That guidance brings us too today.  With the National and State flag in place we have the final project completed.  We dedicate the memorial to OUR FALLEN HEROES who paid the ultimate price for our freedom, to the relatives of our Heroes who have lost a loved one and to our community leaders who will Never forget their contributions to the defense of our constitution.”

Cheyenne Central’s Fallen Heroes Dedication Wall
Cheyenne Central’s Fallen Heroes Dedication Wall