Boys Town High School Elected 123rd Mayor and Vice-Mayor

Boys Town HS elects New Mayor and Vice Mayor

Submitted by: LTC (R) Mark StrehlePhoto by: LTC (R) Mark Strehle Boys Town High School youth elected Cadet Lieutenant COL Jafar Liebers as the 123rd Mayor of the Village of Boys Town and Abby Masonbrick was elected Vice-Mayor. Cadet Lieutenant COL Jafar Liebers was duly sworn and is now under oath to support and defend the … Read more

Metter HS JROTC Cadet Accepted to West Point Prep

Jamarion Hobbs

Submitted by: 1SG (R) Randall WalkerPhoto by: LTC (R) Terry Hoyt Jamarion Hobbs, a hardworking and intelligent young man, has recently been accepted to West Point Prep. This is a remarkable feat for him and it is worth celebrating. West Point Prep is known for its rigorous academic programs and exceptional training for cadets. The … Read more

Hillcrest High School Army JROTC Cadets place 2nd at Dallas ISD Portfolio Competition

Hillcrest Cadets Portfolio Competition

Submitted by: CW4 (Ret.) Christine Landers C/LTC Jose Aguilera a fourth-year cadet and C/SGT Alyssah Martinez a second-year cadet represented Hillcrest JROTC on 19 April 2023 at the Dallas ISD Cadet Portfolio Competition. The rules of the competition, each Dallas JROTC must have one LET2 (Leadership Education and Training) and one LET4, on the two-person … Read more

Hillcrest High School Army JROTC Cadet Jose Aguilera Magdaleno receives MOAA Scholarship

Jose Aguilera Magdalen MOAA

Written by: CW4 (Ret.) Christine Landers Jose Aguilera Magdeleno a fourth-year cadet at Hillcrest High School of Dallas, Texas, was selected by the Scholarship Committee of the “Military Officers Association of America” the Greater Dallas and North Texas Chapter as a winner of $1,000.00 Scholarship. Jose was one of three cadets that was present at … Read more

Legion of Valor with Bronze Cross presented at the AUSA Global Symposium in Huntsville, Alabama

Legion of Valor Altman

Written by: COL(R) Diane Richie, Senior Army Instructor HUNTSVILLE, AL — On March 30, 2023, the Battalion Commander for the Lee/New Century Technology General Battalion, Cadet Lieutenant Colonel(C/LTC) Philip Altman was presented the Legion of Valor with Bronze Cross by Lieutenant General (LTG) Christopher Mohan, the Deputy Commanding General for the Army Materiel Command (AMC) for … Read more

Cadets From Union High School’s 85th Army JROTC Battalion Strive For Excellence


Written by: C/1LT Paola Del Rello  Two cadets from Union High School’s 85th Army JROTC Battalion have recently been recognized for their achievements. Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Brianna Serrano and Cadet Major Mia Paz-Martinez have just received honors for their academic, school and community leadership.  JROTC’s mission statement is “To Motivate Young People to Be Better … Read more

JROTC Cadet Sergant First Class Ransom Shines as LET 1 Cadet of the Year for Fulton County, Georgia

Cadet SFC Ransom

Written by: CW4 (Ret.) Brian Harris FULTON COUNTY, GA — On March 31st, 2023 Creekside High School JROTC Cadet Sergeant First Class JaSaun Ransom won the first ever Fulton County, Georgia LET 1 Cadet of the Year competition. Rising above nearly 1,000 other students, Ransom demonstrated unwavering dedication and determination throughout the demanding event, which … Read more

Hillcrest Army JROTC Cadet is selected to serve as 5th BDE C/CDR for Dallas Independent School District.

Hillcrest Brigade Commander

Written by: CW4 (Ret.) Christine V. Landers DALLAS, TX — C/1LT Nicolas Powell represented Hillcrest High School for the SY23-24 Brigade Staff Board. Nicolas competed against Dallas Independant School District (ISD) High School JROTC cadets for a position on the Brigade Board Staff. The board interview process evaluated Nicolas on personal appearance, uniform wear, general … Read more

Sam Houston Math, Science, and Technology Center Army JROTC Recognition: Cadet Colonel Erik Jimenez

Sam Houston MSTC - Cadet Jimenez

Written by: MAJ (Ret.) Micah Ray HISD’S Absolute Best – Part 4 of 4Click here to read about Cadet Staff Sergeant Ethan Aragus (part 1)Click here to read about Cadet Command Sergeant Major Elizabeth Rigney (part 2)Click here to read about Cadet Major Jasmine “Jai” Nava (part 3) Houston ISD is the 4th largest district … Read more

Hopewell High Army JROTC Cadet c/CPT Schaefer wins the State Enhanced Cadet Contest

Hopewell HS JROTC Cadet Schaefer

Written by: c/CPT Daniel Andom HUNTERSVILLE, NC — On Saturday, April 1, cadet Bayley Schaefer of Hopewell High school won the Enhanced JROTC cadet scholarship contest for the state of North Carolina. The qualifications for this scholarship are that the cadet must be at the top 10% of their JROTC class and the top 25% academically … Read more