Annual Junior ROTC National Essay Contest

The JROTC Essay Contest is an annual competition designed to give Cadets an opportunity to assimilate lessons learned from JROTC curriculum and communicate their knowledge in writing. Participating in the essay contest exposes Cadets to a key component of 21st Century Education: writing.

FY 2020-21 - Winners

Winners are listed by Brigade.

2nd BDE
Cadet Renette Deliscar
Irvington High school (I.H.S)

3rd BDE
Cadet James Kennedy
Marmion Academy

4th BDE
Cadet Mariah Oddiah
Woodbridge Senior High School

5th BDE
Cadet Tristan Lee
Theodore Roosevelt H.S.

6th BDE
Cadet Elizabeth Baka
Northside High School

7th BDE
Cadet Abbigail Reed
Clarksville High School

8th BDE
Cadet Lani Lam
Abraham Lincoln High School