Butler JROTC Raiders complete the 2022 Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot

Written by C/SSG Rebeca Moreno and C/CPL Tamang 

Butler JROTC Raiders completed the 2022 Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot early morning before digging in at table by completing the 34th annual 8K running event. Raiders are familiar with running distances up to 3 miles and wanted to challenge themselves by going further to test their endurance around audiences of different age groups and this run did the trick. Over 7,500 runners gathered to continue the tradition this year in perfect weather conditions for a nice stroll around the neighborhood. Cadets completed the run with great energy and enthusiasm on their faces. First time participants showed healthy competition amongst each other pushing to meet their personal goals. The Raider Team Captain, CDT Reyes, finished the 8K run in 31 minutes, 45 seconds in his first time running this distance and still had much vigor left to continue. He commented, “I didn’t look back after take-off and tried as hard as I could to pass everyone I could”. CDT McKean finished with his fastest time of 32 minutes, 51 seconds with ease. First time runner CDT Tamang said, “it was such a blast to be running with so many others challenging themselves just like me” and didn’t think I could do it!  We had a wonderful time together at the event. 

So proud of the BHS Raiders representation at the event: Michael Reyes, Will McKean, Justin Brimhall, Zacharry Baltimore, Jose San-Juan, Rebeca Moreno, Juan Rojas, and Apshara Tamang   

Butler JROTC in the classroom
Butler JROTC together at the 2022 Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot
2022 Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot: Cadet Brimhall
2022 Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot: Cadet McKean
2022 Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot: Cadet Reyes

Published - FRAGO 2 to USACC OPORD 24-02-008 JROTC National Raider Challenge 071600(EST)JUN24