Before You Apply


Noncommissioned Officers must be retired from the Army in the grades of E-6 through E-9.

Officers must be retired from the Army in the grades of W-1 through W-5 or O-3 through O-6.

Roles and Responsibilities – Army Regulation 145-2 and Cadet Command Regulation 145-2 contain specific information pertaining to the roles and responsibilities within the JROTC Program.

Pay Announcement

Army JROTC will cost-share newly hired instructor on either a 10-month (300 day) or 11-Month (330 day) contract.  Number of contracted months are determined by the school district. 

Minimum Instructor Pay (MIP) is calculated based on retired rank within the Defense Finance Accounting Service (DFAS) Retired System. 

Minimum Instructor Pay (MIP) will be calculated after favorable CNACI and hire packet is received.

Administrative Requirements

Access to these courses are granted once you are hired.

Co-Curricular Activities

In addition to teaching in the classroom there are a number of activities that will require JROTC instructors to work outside of the regular school hours. An instructor‘s work week could easily exceed 50 hours and may include additional weekend activities.

  • Raider Challenge
  • JROTC Cadet Leadership Challenge (JCLC)
  • JROTC Leadership and Academic Bowl (JLAB)
  • CyberPatriot
  • Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)
  • Robotics
  • Archery
  • Drill and Rifle Competitions
  • Weekend Camps
  • Physical Training
  • Holiday Parades and Ceremonies (Veteran’s Day, Memorial Day, etc)

School Activities

Just as any other teacher, JROTC Instructors will be required to perform additional duties as required by the school. Additional duties may include hall monitor, chaperone, event security, test proctor, cafeteria duty, substitute teach other classes, etc.

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