Armwood Senior High School Army JROTC Christmas Parade

Story Photos by: C/CPT Paris Grant

The Armwood Senior High School Army JROTC Hawks from 6th Brigade took part in the Annual Christmas Parade as a Battalion this past December 1, 2023. The parade route marched us through the heart of Plant City, Florida where we were welcomed by cheering spectators and smiling faces. Our Cadets marched along the route singing cadences and Christmas carols to show our Hawk pride. This year, the Cadets handed out buttons along with beaded necklaces to the bystanders of the parade. Ahead of the start time, our Cadets lined up facing Strawberry Crest’s Battalion for a friendly cadence battle as well as a parking lot party where we got to meet the Charger Battalion before the parade began. The Hawk Cadets showed amazing effort and we’re very proud of the work everyone put in. It can easily be categorized as one of the best parades we’ve had. We are very proud of their hard work, integrity, and dedication, we look forward to seeing them continue to excel in the future.