Application & Certification


Applicants must have a Defense Manpower Data Center (DMDC) Defense Self Service Logon (DS-Logon) “Basic account” to use JQUIP. Those personnel, who do not have an account, may register to obtain one on the JQUIP login page. The instructions for a new applicant requiring a DMDC DS-Logon account are on the web site pages.

The URL for the JQUIP application is:

Important Information:
• Incomplete applications will be purged from JQUIP within 30 days of inactivity or 120 days after creation of application if not submitted.
• Applicant MUST NOT be separated/retired more than five years from date of application
• Uploading blank documents may cause a delay in processing or denial of application.
• Each document must be uploaded to the correct tab, failure to do so may result in slower processing time or return of application.

Submitted packets must include the following items

  • Photograph:
    • A DA style photograph in the Army Service Uniform, 4″x 6″ (3/4 body)
    • Photo must include the following:
    • Name (last, first, MI)
    • Rank.
    • Date Photo Taken.
    • Photos must be taken within 1 year of application.
    • Photo can be taken with a digital device (i.e. cell phone) and uploaded as a PDF in your JQUIP application.
  • Copy of last 3 consecutive official evaluation reports (All 3 required with no gaps or courtesy copies, must be uploaded as 3 separate attachments), academic evaluations included. To obtain missing military documents, please access your records at, click the self-service tab.
  • Most recent copy of Records Brief (ORB (Officer), ERB (NCO), PQR for AGR personnel or Soldier Talent Profile)
  • Retirement Orders, Separation Orders, DD 214 (showing Honorable Service), or CURRENT orders (Drilling Reservist, must show years of service, character of service, and dated within 90 days of submission of application)
  • A copy of DA Form 5500 (.pdf) (Body Fat Content Worksheet – Male) or DA Form 5501 (.pdf) (Body Fat Content Worksheet – Female) taken within 6 months (if required). If retired, this can be completed at an Army recruiting station.
  • Copy of your highest official transcripts from an accredited institution of higher learning recognized by the Department of Education.
  • Copy of most recent physical exam conducted by PCM, VA, or civilian physician within the last 12 months, on either:
  • Copy of VA Rating Decision if awarded 30% or greater.

Reservist Only:

  • DA Form 5016 (Chronological Statement of Retirement Points)
  • Letter of Recommendation for current Commander (if applicable)

Online Training


  • Applicants must complete an interview conducted by a certified interviewer after receiving notification from Cadet Command.
  • Applicant must be in the Army Service Uniform.
  • Click here for a list interviewers.

For More Information

You may call the Army JROTC Instructor Management Division at 1-800-347-6641 or email at USARMY.KNOX.USACC.MBX.HQ-JROTC-IM@ARMY.MIL.