Ansbach High School Army JROTC Constitution Week

Story by: C/SSG Chance Duplessie
Photos by: MAJ (R) Madonna Robert

9th JROTC Battalion Hosts Constitution Week

Ansbach High School students recently enjoyed a fun-filled week of activities celebrating the U.S. Constitution. Army JROTC Cadets from 2nd Brigade displayed several items and games from Colonial times while also educating students on the Constitution. The Palatinate Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution sponsored Constitution Week.

On Tuesday a nine-pin bowling game (involving nine pins rather than ten) was played. In this game, Cadets would set up 9 pins and give students a ball to roll at the pins. Students were also told about the origins and significance of nine pins. Additionally, Cadets asked trivia about Colonial times, providing some fun facts about U.S. history.

Wednesday, Cadets helped students in the creation of sweet bags or sachets. These were bags filled with scented items such as spices to make them smell good. Students could create and customize their own sweet bags with the help of Cadets. The purpose of these bags during Colonial times was explained by the Cadets.

In addition to yet more sweet bags, Cadets also demonstrated the penny whistle on Thursday. This was a small metal flute-like instrument with six holes. Likewise, the purpose and history behind the object were given by our Cadets.

The final day of the week was full of excitement as the students played a game of Constitution bingo, hosted once again by our Cadets. The game was bingo, with facts about the Constitution, played using corn kernels as markers. Finally, the Cadet announcer, Cadet David Arzuza-Rivera, asked the students questions about the Constitution, imparting some fun, final knowledge to end the week.