Ansbach Cadet Attends Girls State

Story written by: Cadet Lauren Moseley

Submitted by: MAJ (Ret) Madonna Roberts

In the summer of 2022, Cadet/1LT Breaira Pollard from Ansbach Middle High School was selected to attend the American Legion Auxiliary (ALA) Girls State program.  The Department of Maryland ALA sponsors Department of Defense students who attend school in Europe. Cadet Pollard’s transportation was donated by the Ansbach Spouses and Civilians Club.

The ALA Girls State is for female high school students who have completed their junior year. They are competitively selected and sponsored by ALA units for the one-week program. The girls learn about the political process of electing officials for all-level state governments and are actively running a mock government. They are assigned to two different mock cities, either the “Federalist party” or the “Nationalists party”. Breaira appreciated the opportunity.  She stated,“ It was amazing! I met so many wonderful girls and I learned a lot.” In conclusion, the ALA Girls State program  is an amazing opportunity for females who are interested in learning how our government works.

Cadet 1LT Breaira Pollard
Cadet 1LT Breaira Pollard

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