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Army JROTC National Competitions & Events


Army JROTC National Competitions & Events:

Official Army JROTC National Drill Championships

U.S Army Cadet Command JROTC National Drill Championships:

2018 BRINGS THE EVENT TO A NEW HUGE HALL at the same building as 2017! A building that is sparkling, gorgeous and fitting for a competition of this stature! USACC sponsors the Army Nationals and with the support of the Brigades across the country, this will be the largest gathering of Army-only talent annually assembled! EVERY ARMY JROTC SCHOOL AFTER BEING NOMINATED BY THEIR BRIGADE CAN REGISTER TO ATTEND BEGINNING 1 OCTOBER annually!

the official Army JROTC Raider Championships

US Army National Raider Championships:
November 4-5 2017– MOLENA, GEORGIA

This two-day competition serves as BOTH the official Army JROTC Raider Championships as well as an all-service competition the day prior for teams that are not currently at the level to compete with the best Army teams in the Nation. The U.S. Army Cadet Command JROTC National Raider Championships annually attract many of the best Male, Female and Mixed competition Raider teams from across the country. The best of the best Army JROTC programs compete at the Lawhorn Scouting Base, a quality facility with on-site tenting, showers, meals and other items needed for a first-class event. This event hosts Army Raider programs from 50 schools bringing roughly 80 teams and over 1,200 Cadets , packing the competition site from morning to night! Teams looking to attend are generally accepted on an earliest sign-up basis with entries beginning on 1 June each year. Go directly to the event website for details!

all-service JROTC National Drill ChampionshipsNational High School Drill Team Championships:
Challenge Level/OLCG: Friday, 5 May, 2017
Masters Level: Saturday & Sunday, 6-7 May, 2017
Daytona Beach, Florida

This competition serves as the Army sponsored all-service JROTC National Drill Championships. Roughly 200+ schools will be attending this competition from 35 states. Event maintains both a Masters Level (larger, most competitive schools) and a Challenge Level (smaller, less competitive schools) competitions to provide the fairest competition possible, regardless of the size of your program. Both Armed & Unarmed competition is available within Inspection, Regulation Drill, Color Guard, and Exhibition Drill (both solo/dual as well as Squad/Platoon events). ALL SCHOOL ARE ELIGIBLE TO APPLY FOR ENTRY - MUST ENTER BY COMPLETING THE ON-LINE REGISTRATION FORM AND SUBMITTING THIS TO EVENT MANAGER SPORTS NETWORK INTERNATIONAL BEGINNING IN OCTOBER. Interested schools must register on-line no later than FRIDAY, 9 DECEMBER as competition slots will be gone as the event approaches.

Nationals Drill CampNationals Drill Camp:
Sunday, 09 July to Saturday 15 July 2017 - TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY - COLLEGE STATION, TEXAS

This seven-day drill camp functions as a high-speed, high-intensity training week for all things regarding military drill. Held for both Cadets and instructors looking to have a better, safer and more competitive drill program, the Nationals Drill Camp is run by many of the highest performing JROTC drill & ceremony figures in the world to teach details, tips, tricks and insights that make competition drill a fantastic, high visibility activity to feature within your JROTC program. Hosted by Sports Network International, the 30-year Event Managers of the National High School Drill Team Championships have the expertise, commitment and drive to advance your program exponentially with their unique training techniques in just one week. Along with specific, hands-on training in EACH area of competition drill, all attendees will learn in detail about drill safety, routine configuration/execution, leadership training, judging specifics, drill manual adherence and many other vital issues.

The Civilian Marksmanship Program

USACC JROTC Air Rifle Championships:

Congratulations to all JROTC unit teams and individual cadets that qualified for the 2017 JROTC National Championships. This competition is the final leg of the JROTC Postal series, where the top qualifying teams and individuals from each JROTC Service, will compete in a shoulder to shoulder competition. This competition is scheduled for 23-25 March in Annison, Alabama.

USACC National Air Rifle Championships

USACC National Air Rifle Championships:
Gary Anderson CMP Competition Center,
Camp Perry Training Site, Bldg #5042
Port Clinton, OH 43452

Precision: 21 - 23 June 2017
Sporter: 24 - 26 June 2017

The CMP National Championship is the final event in the CMP Three-Position Air Rifle Championships. Qualification for this match comes form the CMP Regional Championships as well as the State 3PAR Junior Olympic matches. Each match will consist of one 3x20 with finals for the top eight shooters in sporter and precision.

2016-2017 Academic & Leadership Bowls - College Options Foundation

JLAB Resident Competition:
2016-2017 Academic & Leadership Bowls - College Options Foundation
June 23-27 Level III (JROTC Only) - The JLAB Championship

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