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Teacher Licensing Requirements:

Under Title 10, U.S.C., Chapter 102, Section 2033, Army JROTC has the authority to certify officers or NCOS as instructors. However, AJROTC instructors are school district employees. As such, states and/or districts may require additional licensure or certification beyond AJROTC certification.

To facilitate your transition from military service member to instructor, HQ AJROTC is providing the information below for your review and consideration. States continually revise teacher certification / licensure requirements, and some districts within a state may apply those rules more stringently than others. Accordingly, the information contained herein is merely intended to help guide you in your process of researching specific teaching requirements for those states you are interested in teaching in.

Because licensing requirements vary by state and district, HQ AJROTC cannot provide more detailed information and encourage you to conduct a thorough investigation into what licensing or certification requirements may be expected of you prior to signing any school employment contract.

Click on the state below to link to that state's Teacher Licensing Website

Alabama  Alaska  Arizona  Arkansas  California
 Colorado  Connecticut  Delaware  D.C.  Florida
  Georgia  Hawaii   Idaho   Illinois   Indiana
  Iowa  Kansas  Kentucky   Louisiana  Maine
  Maryland  Massachusetts  Michigan  Minnesota  Mississippi
 Missouri   Montana  Nebraska  Nevada  New Hampshire
 New Jersey   New Mexico  New York  North Carolina  North Dakota
 Ohio  Oklahoma  Oregon  Pennsylvania  Puerto Rico
 Rhode Island  South Carolina  South Dakota   Tennessee   Texas
 Utah  Vermont  Virginia  Washington  W. Virginia
Wisconsin Wyoming

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