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Application and Certification Process:

Click Here to download the Instructor Application Form (.pdf)
After this form is opened, click on the "Enable All Features" box located in the top right corner of the form, in order to enter text into the fill in form.

Submitted packets must include the following items:

All personnel:
(active duty and retired personnel)

  • Copy of last 3 consecutive official evaluation reports (All 3 required with no gaps or courtesy copies), academic evaluations included (to obtain missing military documents, please access your AKO account at
  • Most recent copy of ORB (Officer) or ERB (NCO) PQR or DA 2-1 for AGR personnel.

  • Copy 4 (Member Copy) of DD Form 214. (Active duty personnel must provide a copy of the retirement orders, until copy of DD 214 is available.)

  • A copy of DA Form 5500 (.pdf) (Body Fat Content Worksheet (Male)) or DA Form 5501 (.pdf)(Body Fat Content Worksheet (Female)) taken within 6 months (if required)

  • Copy of Initial Qualification Training Certificate.

  • Copy of your highest official transcripts from an accredited institution of higher learning recognized by the Department of Education.

  • A DA Style photograph in an Army Service Uniform, 4"x 6" (3/4 body) with name board or information placed on the back taken within one year (no Polaroids).

  • Copy of most recent physical exam, on either DD Form 2808/DD Form 2807 or CCR 211-R conducted within the last 12 months.
  • Copy of Retirement Orders or DD Form 214

  • Applicants must also complete an interview conducted by a USACC certified interviewer AFTER receiving notification from Cadet Command to make an appointment for the interview. Applicant MUST be in proper uniform, Army Service Uniform.
    Click here for a list interviewers.

  • If you have moved, changed phone numbers, or email address, please contact Instructor Management Division to update your records. Failure to update your records will place you in an inactive status. The inactive status will preclude your name from being submitted to the hiring official for potential employment.

  • Notes: Allow at least two weeks for the mailing process before calling with inquires concerning the status of your certification. Be sure to include your email address on the application. If you have moved, changed phone numbers, or email address, please contact Instructor Management Division to update your records.

  • It is NOT recommended that you send any information using Express Mail.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Please call the Army JROTC Instructor Management Division at 1-800-347-6641 and press 1 for Instructor Management and Pay or email at USARMY.KNOX.USACC.MBX.HQ-JROTC-IM@MAIL.MIL.

Thank you for visiting the JROTC Web Portal. We appreciate your visit, and ask that if you have ideas for how we can improve the site, please contact us at:

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