1SG (Ret.) Trina Hines named Freedom High School Teacher of the Year

MORGANTON, NC — 1SG (Ret.) Trina Hines, Army Instructor (AI) for Freedom High School Army JROTC, was honored as Freedom High School’s Teacher of the Year! This is what teachers, staff and colleagues said about why they voted for 1SG Hines for Teacher of the Year in their own words.

Why did you vote for First Sergeant Hines for Teacher of the Year?

“First Sergeant Hines gives tirelessly to this school and her kids. Not only did she do the job of 3 people for over 2 years by herself she did it with a smile and kindness. Her passion is for the kids and it shows. If you want to point to a person that helps change the lives of many students then you will easily look to Trina Hines.”

“First Sergeant genuinely cares about all her students and goes above and beyond to treat them with kindness and care. It is visible when you see her in the halls that she has great respect for her job and cultivates an environment of excellence.”

“She has continued to lead and instruct cadets and achieve high marks even amidst an ongoing turnover of uncommitted OIC’s. She never gives less than her all, and without her the unit would have faltered, or even failed.”

“1st Sgt. Hines goes above and beyond for her students and for FHS. Last year she ran the entire JROTC program by herself and often had 90+ students to teach. She did her job every day without fail and without complaining.”

“1SG Hines is the perfect candidate for FHS Teacher of the Year. She is constantly working to improve her program, spends many hours beyond “regular teaching hours” working with her cadets, and truly teaches them lifelong lessons. As a former FHS Cadet under 1SG Hines I can say that she instilled in me many traits that have helped me throughout my life. Her joy is unmatched and she represents Patriot Pride as well as anyone I have ever met.”

“Trina ran the JROTC program flawlessly during the last year while dealing with multiple changes within the program itself and did an amazing job!!”

“She volunteers to take on so much more than just the JROTC program!”

“Trina has done a wonderful job guiding the JROTC program.”

“Her dedication to the ROTC through adversity has remained unwavering!”

“1st Sergeant gives SO MUCH to her students and also to staff. She’s always willing to help sort out any student issues that I have with my current students who are taking JROTC. She’s kind, brave, humble, and totally fabulous!”

“1st Sgt. Hines is a leader amongst our students and faculty. She recently received a national JROTC leadership award. Every time I pass her in the hallway, she has a smile and personally greets me. Students speak highly of her. I feel she is deserving of this year’s Teacher Of The Year award. JROTC is always doing big things.”

“Sergeant Hines goes above and beyond for her students. She is encouraging and wants them to be successful. She works long hours and has many after-school activities to assist her students with their skills.”

“First Sergeant Hines is a hard-working and dedicated role model for young people. She cares and always tries to inspire the best in any student with whom she works.”

“1st Sgt is a teacher who goes above and beyond for her kids. All of the work that she puts in often goes unnoticed. She carried her whole program alone last year… and it still flourished. She is an amazing teacher. FHS is lucky to have her.”

“Sgt Hines goes above and beyond for her students and program putting in extra hours outside of the school day to provide meaningful experiences for her students.”

Congratulations, First Sergeant Hines!