1SG (Ret.) Trina Hines Featured in Army Retirement Services ‘Change of Mission’ Newsletter

1SG (Ret.) Trina Hines, Army Instructor (AI) for Freedom High School Army JROTC, was recognized in an recent article highlighting Army JROTC in an Army Retirement Services newsletter. The ‘Change of Mission’ newsletter educates Soldiers about the retirement process, the decisions they and their families will make leading up to and immediately after their retirements, how their benefits will change when they retire, and why the Army wants them to be active Soldiers for Life in retirement.

Click here to read the full ‘Change of Mission’ newsletter and read about 1SG Hines.

1SG Hines was featured on this website earlier this year when she was named Freedom High School Teacher of the Year! Click here to read her Teacher of the Year story.