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James Monroe High School Color Guard for Veterans

James Monroe High School Color Guard for Veterans

James Monroe High School Color Guard for Veterans
Photo Credit: 1SG (R) Charles A. Mujica

  • Posted on Nov 22nd, 2021
  • Story by: 1SG (R) Charles A. Mujica
  • 8th Brigade
    Veterans Day

The Los Angeles Film School reached out to our Battalion to provide a virtual Color Guard for this year’s celebration by honoring our Veterans who have joined the ranks in the Film Industry. Unfortunately, they were unable to host their Annual Salute in person this year. However, they still put together a virtual event to honor our veterans. Last year, due to COVID-19, the LA Film School was unable to have a “live” event and because of the strong measures in place in California, they decided to go virtual again. We were asked to “film” our Color Guard Team “Presenting the Colors” and to hold until the National Anthem played. The LA Film School then took our Color Guard and put in their music and singing by the U.S. Air Force Band. All went well and they even recognized the Cadets that came in before school to make the recording.

The Los Angeles Film School offers several different educational programs to Veterans and a chance to make a difference with degrees in Animation, Audio Production, Film Cinematography, Film Directing, Graphics, and several others both online and on campus. The Los Angeles Film School is located in Hollywood, California, a city often recognized as “The Entertainment Capital of the World.” Our prime location provides access to many of the industry’s top professionals.

This year’s event was hosted by Ms. Heather Hope, TV News Reporter for CBS & the CW San Diego. The celebration kicked off on Friday, November 12, 2021. Our Color Guard was able to “film” a Color Guard by our Battalion. We sent the Los Angeles Film School 3 different sequences and let them select the one they like and put in the music, provided by the Air Force Band & Singers.

Since our school was closed on the 16th of March 2020 and re-opened on the 16th of August 2021 the Color Guard team was more than ready to get going again. We haven’t been re-opened that long, but it feels good to be able to do something for our Community & Veterans again. The link below will showcase our Color Guard led by Senior C/2LT Esmeralda Delgado (U.S. Flag), C/MSG Citlali Estrada, (California Flag), C/MSG Miranda Cardenas (First Rifle Guard), and Senior C/2LT Maryorie Murgas-Rivas (2nd Rifle Guard). The link below will take you to a YouTube Filming of the Event and our Color Guard.

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