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Fort Hamilton HS Class of 2021 Graduation ceremony and Class of 2022


Tiger Battalion JROTC Color Guard presenting colors to Graduation Ceremony Farewelling Class of 2021
Photo Credit: MAJ (R) Sang Lee

  • Posted on July 23rd, 2021
  • Story by: MAJ (R) Sang Lee
  • 2nd Brigade
    Class of 2021

BROOKLYN, NY -- MAJ (Ret.) Sang Lee, Senior Army Instructor (SAI) of Fort Hamilton High School JROTC, shares photos and video from the Class of 2021 Graduation Ceremony. Included are pictures of the Tiger Battalion Color Guard Team and the newly elected student government!

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Fort Hamilton High School JROTC
Class of 2022, newly elective students government
Left to right
Maj Lee (R) SAI Fort Hamilton High School
Cadet Hanna Justis - Senior Council President Senior
Cadet Reina Nelson - Senior Council Vice President Senior
Cadet Gabriel Arteaga - Senior Council Secretary - Senior
Cadet Fiona Tan - Student organization Secretary - Junior
Cadet Feiya Lin - Student leadership Team - Junor
SFC Freeland (R) AI Fort Hamilton High School
Fort Hamilton High School JROTC
Class of 2021
Fort Hamilton High School JROTC
Tiger Battalion Color Guard Team
Left to right: Cadet Sebastian Zhang, Cadet Angela Zheng, Cadet Syliva Huang, Cadet Ching Gee Ma, Cadet Meghan Mo, Cadet Ralph Liu and Cadet Chenille Jiang