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The Ozark HS JROTC Air Rifle Team Breaks the Missouri State Record

The Ozark HS JROTC Air Rifle Team

The Ozark HS JROTC Air Rifle Team
Photo Credit: 1SG (R) William Crawford

  • Posted on March 30th, 2021
  • Story by: 1SG (R) William Crawford
  • 3rd Brigade
    Air Rifle

OZARK, MO -- On January 31st 2021, the Ozark JROTC Rifle Team traveled to Missouri Military Academy in Mexico, Missouri to compete in the State Championship. The team did an outstanding job and ended up breaking the state record. Cadet Elijah Glenn also broke a state record for the Sporter division with a 564 out 600. The Rifle Team puts in hours of hard work each morning and the work paid off very well. Even with the struggles that this pandemic has brought upon them they still have strived for excellence and it has surely paid off.

At this match Elijah Glenn who shot a 564 out of 600 in competition, which is not only his personal best but also regarded as a significant score within the entire air rifle community. Cadet Glenn officially holds the Missouri State record in the Sporter division of rifle. Glenn was asked later on how was state championship competition different to other competitions you have gone through? His response, “I have competed at state and national competitions for 3 years now, so going into the match I did not really feel any more pressure than usual. There was more pressure than an average local match, but not more pressure than I am used to handling at similar high-level matches.

As I progressed through the match and drew closer to the end, the pressure was mounting because I knew how well I was doing. I fought hard to keep my mind from wandering and got possible outcomes of the match, both good and bad. Blowing a shot at this point could ruin the match, and I knew it. Constantly staying focused on each individual shot was a challenge, but it had to be done to finish the match. By the end of the match, I was mentally exhausted from the effort I exerted to shoot well.” Cadet Glenn was also asked how he felt when he found out that Ozark broke the state record (Sporter division)? He answered, “when I found out that I beat the state record for the Sporter division I was very proud to represent Ozark High School and the Tiger Battalion in that way.

“I felt tremendously blessed by God to perform at such a high level. All of the early mornings and hard work had finally paid off in a performance of which I am proud and which I will remember for the rest of my life.” What is the greatest lesson you learned during your air rifle career? His response to this question was “the greatest lesson I have learned during my air rifle career is that anything is possible through hard work, dedication, and trust in God.” The Ozark Rifle Team puts in a lot of work every morning starting at 5 am. It is no surprise that they continue to place at the top.

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Cadet Elijah Glenn Missouri State Record Holder in the Sporter Division
Cadet Elijah Glenn -- Missouri State Record Holder in the Sporter Division