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Cadet Garrett S. Engstrom Receives the Legion of Valor

Cadet Garrett S. Engstrom
Cadet Garrett S. Engstrom
Photo Credit: LTC (R) Steve Szewc
  • Posted on November 9th, 2020
  • Story by: Cadet Garrett S. Engstrom
  • 2nd Brigade
    Event Legion of Valor

OLD TOWN, ME -- When I first learned of JROTC I became interested almost immediately. As someone with a long line of family members in the Armed Forces, I’ve always believed that I was destined for some form of military service. JROTC isn’t the actual Armed Forces, but I feel like it has helped prepare me for my intended service after high school.

JROTC has taught me how to be a leader. From directing a group project to defusing a heated argument, JROTC has put me in situations that any leader will have to face eventually. It’s already proven helpful in my role as class president and is sure to translate to future leadership positions as well. As an officer and battalion commander, I’ve witnessed firsthand the importance of teamwork and group cohesion. I’ve learned harsh lessons, but lessons that I’ve been able to grow from. Across my time in high school, I’ve been able to apply these lessons in important events like the state swim meet when tensions are running high and proper leadership is necessary to avert failure.

The program has also taught me the importance of Army Values in everyday life. Values like Duty, Honor, and Loyalty have allowed me to advance to important positions within my high school career and make great achievements through personal merit. JROTC has been an important part of my life, and the memories and lessons that I’ve retained are sure to guide me throughout my future career as a leader and an American.