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Cadet Lucas Thompkins Receives the Legion of Valor and Shares His Story

Cadet Lucas Thompkins Receives the Legion of Valor
Cadet Lucas Thompkins Receives the Legion of Valor
Photo Credit: Alexis Penninger
  • Posted on October 21st, 2020
  • Story by: Cadet Lucas Thompkins
  • 4th Brigade
    Event Legion of Valor

Recently, I received the Legion of Valor Award for JROTC. I am grateful to be given this award, but more importantly I am grateful for the individuals who taught me that if I try to obtain anything in life, to do it with passion.

Coming in JROTC my freshman year of high school, I was not looking forward to the class because it was not a class I had signed up to take. About six weeks into the semester I had fallen in love with the class. I learned quickly how to take control of a situation and make the most of it. I learned to lead from watching others throughout my days as a “lower LET.”

Outside of JROTC, I play football and run track. I am a team captain for both teams. I am in the National Honor Society here at Central Davidson High School, and I am also in the top 15% of my graduating class. In JROTC I am in the top 10% of our program. In athletics, academics, and even my part-time job as a shift manager at KFC, I use lessons from JROTC to help motivate everyone to do their best.

In JROTC we are taught that we are a family first. We are also taught that no matter what you have to lead in life and if you do it right everyone will follow and have your back. Also our instructors teach us the curriculum without us knowing it is the curriculum. We have whole class discussions each day and we spread the knowledge we know to everyone else in the class.

I have attended JCLC twice and been honor cadet with distinction both times. I was also the JLAB Leadership Bowl team commander and we made it to the third round. In the classroom and with everything we are taught we try our best to work hard because talent can only get you so far.

My biggest inspiration is my Uncle Scotty. He is a pilot for the United States Air Force Special Operations Command. He has taught me to never ever give up in life. HE is always telling me no matter how hard the going gets, pick your head up and push back harder.

I would like to thank LTC Daniel Nichols (USA Retired) and SFC John Akride (USA Retired) for teaching me how to be a leader and for nominating me for the Legion of Valor Award. I would like to thank my school’s administration, teachers and coaches for always believing in our JROTC program and helping us in any way possible. The Central Davidson High School Spartan JROTC Battalion believes in this.