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Cadet Hagan Johnson Receives Legion of Valor Award

Cadet Hagan Johnson Receives Legion of Valor Award
Cadet Brandon Flash Receives Legion of Valor Award
Photo Credit: CSM (R) Chester Hoxit
  • Posted on Oct 6th, 2020
  • Story by: Cadet Hagan Johnson
  • 4th Brigade
    Event Legion of Valor

GREENVILLE, SC –As a high school freshman, I joined JL Mann JROTC. The military has always been of interest to me and JROTC gave me an opportunity to explore my leadership potential along with becoming a better citizen. Through my experiences in JROTC, I have had the privilege of joining many of the extracurricular activities that it offers such as Drill team, Marksmanship, and Staff. These commitments gave me the opportunity to represent my school, my program, and my country with pride and honor.

It is important to me that I keep moving forward with personal growth, both in the classroom and as a citizen. I have committed myself to achieve academic excellence, and I have remained true to that goal. I have taken numerous AP classes earning the award of AP Scholar with Distinction as well as more than 40 college credit hours while still in high school. My high school embraces patriotism and that support has given me opportunities to grow as a citizen and broaden my civic awareness partly through JROTC.

My initial position in JROTC was platoon leader. I was then promoted to the S1 assistant, later becoming the S1. In my senior year, I’ve become the Battalion commander. Moving through these ranks, gave me the chance to grow through leadership experience. This growth was supported and encouraged by my JROTC mentors. I am thankful for the program offered at my school.

My journey to this nomination has been a continuous path of progression. It has required me to grow as a leader and as a citizen. JROTC’s motto is, “To motivate young people to be better citizens.” and I have experienced that motto first hand. Throughout my time in JROTC I have learned civic duties along with how to grow personally. This is important for any leader as there is always an area in which to grow. My growth is what has led me to this nomination. I strive for excellence and to act as a mentor and role model for my fellow cadets.