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Cadet Brandon Flash Exhibits North Atlanta Excellence as JROTC Battalion Commander

 Cadet Susie Valderrábano Receives Legion of Valor Award
Cadet Brandon Flash Receives Legion of Valor Award
Photo Credit: LTC (R) Lynnette Minnick
  • Posted on Oct 6th, 2020
  • Story by: Kate Davis
  • 6th Brigade
    Event Legion of Valor

ATLANTA, GA – Members of JROTC are easily spotted within the halls of North Atlanta. Their decorated ironed Army uniform paired with sleek black dress shoes are a dead giveaway that they are a part of one of North Atlanta’s most respected programs. The leader of this prestigious unit is the Battalion Commander, the highest position given out to JROTC members. For this 2020-2021 school year, senior Brandon Flash has been named Battalion Commander.

Cadet LTC Flash has won impressive awards that stack his resume. He was a recipient of the Legion of Valor Bronze Cross Awards. This award is one of the highest awards a cadet can receive. Awarded for achievement of scholastic excellence in military and academic subjects, Cadet LTC Flash is one of only five cadets in the state of Georgia to receive this award. This impressive achievement adds to why Flash was selected to be Battalion Commander for the Warriors.

Cadet LTC Flash joined JROTC his freshman year as he had an interest in the military and wanted a way to experience aspects of it. His older brother, Zach Flash was also a JROTC Battalion Commander during the 2016-2017 school year, and now he is a senior at the U.S. Air Force Academy. Brandon Flash also plans to take that route as he hopes to attend one of the Academies and serve 20 years in the Armed Forces after graduation. Flash stated his favorite part of JROTC is the Drill and Ceremony. “I love to teach the new cadets how to march and how to do certain movements,” said Flash.

As the Captain of the JLAB Leadership, Flash led his team to advance to the next level and he advised the JLAB Academic team as well. Under his leadership, both teams were selected to participate in round III in Washington, D.C., this would’ve been the first time North Atlanta would participate in both JLAB Leadership and Academics, but due to the pandemic JLAB was cancelled.


Before becoming Battalion Commander, Flash held the position of Command Sergeant Major. With this position comes the responsibility of planning Color Guard missions for school and community events. Another position Flash held was S-5, making him in charge of the Battalion website, social media, and newsletter. Now, Flash has moved up the ranks to be the highest position of JROTC. As the leader of NAHS Battalion, Flash now holds weekly meetings to check up on his staff and cadets and helps guide them through their assigned tasks. “As the Battalion Commander of the Warrior Battalion it is my responsibility to make sure that all cadets, including the new ones, are doing their part to make our Battalion successful,” Flash said.

Cadet LTC Brandon Flash has proven himself to be a great leader and role model to cadets in North Atlanta’s Battalion and brings pride and appreciation to JROTC as a whole. Cadet LTC Flash also exhibits what it means to be the cream of the crop and show excellence at North Atlanta. He plans to apply for an ROTC scholarship and apply to West Point, Navy and Air Force Academy.