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Tinian High School’s Renuka Shrestha Completes Army Basic Training

Renuka Shrestha
Renuka Shrestha
Photo Credit: C/CPT Dea Patio (Public Affairs Officer)
  • Posted on Dec 20th, 2019
  • Story by: C/CPT Dea Patio (Public Affairs Officer)
  • 8th Brigade
    Event Academic Excellence

This article is part of an ongoing series highlighting JROTC Cadet success stories from Tinian Jr./Sr. High School JROTC.

SAN JOSE, NORTHERN MARIANA ISLANDS -- One of Tinian Jr./Sr. High School’s Class of 2019 graduates and a former Tinian JROTC Stallion Battalion cadet, Renuka Shrestha, finished Army Basic Training on the 3rd of October, 2019. During basic, she was a part of the Charlie Company, 1-13th Infantry Regiment. Currently, she is in the Bravo Company, 832nd Ordnance Battalion.

Shrestha stated that “Basic training was about 11 weeks and was divided into phases. Each phase consisted of events that we had to complete as a graduation requirement. We also took a total of 4 Physical Training tests and were also tested out of each phase in order to advance to the next one. Some of the events were Victory Tower, Gas Chamber, the Anvil (Red phase), Land Navigation, the hammer, and combative (White phase), and qualifying with the M4, hand grenade throwing, Omaha, and the Forge (Blue phase).

Her MOS is 91 Foxtrot, Small arms/Artillery repairer. She is stationed at Fort Lee, Ordnance Island for Advanced Individual Training.

While Shrestha was a cadet in the Stallion Battalion, she dedicated most of her time to Drill. Thus, she was part of the Unarmed Drill Team that went up to California for both school years 2017-2018 and 2018-2019.

Shrestha would like to share some words of encouragement to the cadets:

“My advice would be to make the best out of every situation because it will suck for sure. Be sure to stay motivated, always be squared away, volunteer as much as you can, oh, and the drill sergeants love the PT studs! Overall, Basic Combat Training was exciting because that’s exactly how I made it. Because of that, I was part of the top 10% to get promoted and now I am an E-3. Nothing was too complicated and the drill sergeants are the funniest people (When they’re in the mood, at least). But like they always say, ‘You don’t need to think, we do the thinking for you, just do what you’re told and you’re good’.”

It’s great to hear that you had a spectacular time during basic training, Renuka! The Stallion Battalion is glad that you’re making the most out of your experience. Keep pushing to do your best and don’t forget to have fun in the process. Hooah!