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Tinian’s Class of 2019 Graduates Marley Dela Cruz and Jarren San Nicolas Share Their Experiences in Basic Training

Jarren San Nicolas (Left) and Marley Dela Cruz (Right)
Jarren San Nicolas (Left) and Marley Dela Cruz (Right)
Photo Credit: C/CPT Dea Patio (Public Affairs Officer)
  • Posted on Dec 11th, 2019
  • Story by: C/CPT Dea Patio (Public Affairs Officer)
  • 8th Brigade
    Event Academic Excellence

This article is part of an ongoing series highlighting JROTC Cadet success stories from Tinian Jr./Sr. High School JROTC.

SAN JOSE, NORTHERN MARIANA ISLANDS -- On the 6th of September, Tinian Jr./Sr. High School’s Class of 2019 graduates Marley Dela Cruz and Jarren San Nicolas graduated from basic training. They are both in Alpha Company, 1st brigade, and 3rd Platoon.

According to Dela Cruz, his and San Nicolas’s training was a bit different. Instead of basic training and AIT (Advanced Individual Training) being at separate installations, they are in OSUT—One Station Unit Training sometimes referred to as One Site Unit Training. The recruits remain with the same unit for both Basic Combat Training and Advanced Individual Training. They are currently at Fort Benning, Georgia and their MOS is 19K, Tank crewmen.

Dela Cruz describes his experience in basic training, saying it was “pretty much a bunch of yelling, PT, and discipline.” They did the rappel tower, went through the gas chamber twice, underwent marksmanship, and land navigation.

“In Basic, we have three phases,” Dela Cruz explained, “Red, white, and blue. Red was about discipline, white was marksmanship, blue was grenades and other stuff. At the end of each phase, we have an FTX (Field Training Exercise). It’s basically a ruck march and spending days in the field. Red phase—we rucked 5 miles and spent one day in the field. White phase was 8 miles and 2 days in the field. Blue phase was 10 miles and 4 days in the field. Over those 4 days, we walked over 50 miles.”

Both Dela Cruz and San Nicolas were active cadets in the JROTC program. Dela Cruz was the Alpha Company First Sergeant and San Nicolas was a team leader.

Some advice Dela Cruz has for the cadets:

“Whatever it is you are doing, no matter how bad it seems or how hard it is, keep going and don’t give up. Keep your motivation high, at the moment it may suck, but it’ll all be worth it in the end.”

Congratulations to both of you, Marley and Jarren! You believed in yourself and got through basic training! Hard work pays off and you have both proved it. The Stallion Battalion wishes you two the best of luck! HOOAH!

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PVT Marley Dela Cruz
PVT Marley Dela Cruz