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Cadet LTC Aaron Johnson Wins Georgia Boys State and Selected to Attend Boys Nation at Washington, D.C.

Cadet LTC Aaron Johnson and Glenn Whitaker, Dean of Georgia Boys State
Cadet LTC Aaron Johnson and Glenn Whitaker, Dean of Georgia Boys State
Photo Credit: 1SG(R) Hector Vazquez
  • Posted on Aug 20th, 2019
  • Story by: 1SG(R) Hector Vazquez
  • 6th Brigade
    Event Academic Excellence

BROOKLET, GA -- In May of 2019, Cadet LTC Aaron Johnson of Southeast Bulloch High School JROTC was selected by his local American Legion Post to attend Georgia Boys State. While there, Johnson learned about how the state government works and what goes into the election process. The attendees were required to receive delegates from his fellow Federalists and to receive a nomination within the party to run in the primaries. Cadet LTC Johnson was required to provide a political foundation and delivery of speeches in front of his fellow Boys Stateres. Winning the primaries and receiving the nomination from his Federalist party, he went to the general election Federalists. There he was required to deliver speeches and participate in a Governor's debate. This was an hour-long debate on political issues that faces Georgia today. The next morning the results from the general election were announced. Out of 305 boys, Johnson was elected Governor of Georgia Boys State for 2019. At the graduation, Johnson was selected from 305 boys to be one of two to represent Georgia at Boys Nation in Washington D.C. Out of 28,000 Boys State participants, only 100 are selected, two being from each state. While at Boys Nation, Johnson ran for president. He got to the final round of the primaries competing against 13 other candidates within his party.