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James Kenan High School Honors CSM(R) Rozenia Carter-Sherman

Riverside Military Academy Cadets at JCLC
James Kenan High School Honors CSM(R) Rozenia Carter-Sherman
Photo Credit: JKHS
  • Posted on Aug 20th, 2019
  • 4th Brigade

DUPLIN COUNTY, NC -- Today we share a story about CSM(R) Rozenia Carter-Sherman, Senior Army Instructor (SAI) at James Kenan High School.

Mr. Holton, JKHS Principal, says "the JKHS JROTC program is truly one of the most impressive school organizations I have ever been associated with throughout my 27 years as an educator. All great programs start with great leadership and that is exactly what we have in CSM Carter-Sherman and SSG Sherman. Both instructors hold the students accountable to high expectations and establish an atmosphere of “excellence” by consistently modelling these same qualities and characteristics daily. The students and instructors take pride in their program and work extremely hard to achieve success and to grow as Cadets. Our JROTC Cadets were invited to participate in a program to commemorate the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. They were also asked and will commemorate D-Day, in Normandy, France in June 2020. Our JROTC is active in community events including the Veteran’s Day Parade, Memorial Day Celebrations, graduation ceremonies, community cleanup and supporting the elderly and community.

CSM Carter-Sherman tells us a bit about her life and her experience with Army JROTC:

"I have a Master of Science Degree with a minor in Human Resource Management from Troy University. I have a PhD (ABD) in Organizational Management with Specialization in Leadership. I chose education as my second profession because I love to teach and I love children. I want our children to be successful. Being a JROTC instructor is extremely important to me because I served my country for 31 years and 6 months in the United States Army and I loved it! Freedom is not free as all veterans have paid a price for our Country and for our citizens to be free. Our children are our future and we must educate them on how to become professional leaders by setting a good example, being faithful, and doing what is right legally and morally."

"I was asked by the Historic Programmers to commemorate the Japanese Attack on Pearl Harbor by marching in the Pearl Harbor Parade in Honolulu, Hawaii, on December 7, 2018. I was able to take 16 Cadets and 2 chaperones with the help of donations from the communities, businesses, family members, Duplin Commissioners, Duplin Board of Education, and JKHS. The Historic programmers were so happy and proud of our JKHS JROTC Cadets in the Pearl Harbor Parade, they have invited us to Commemorate Normandy, France D-Day, on June 6, 2020."

CSM Carter-Sherman and her husband, SSG Kevin Sherman
CSM Carter-Sherman and her husband, SSG Kevin Sherman

"As you know I am the Senior Army Instructor (SAI) at James Kenan High School (JKHS) and my husband is my Army Instructor (AI), at James Kenan High School. I started teaching in August 2016, and Kevin started teaching in March 2019."