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In an effort to continuously improve the Army JROTC Program, we ask Army JROTC Cadets, parents/guardians of Army JROTC Cadets, and Army JROTC Instructors to voluntarily complete the survey in the link below. Your input on the survey will help inform senior leaders' decisions impacting the JROTC Program. Additionally, the survey results will be used to benchmark the JROTC Program against national standards.

The survey normally takes about 10 minutes to complete. Your responses are completely anonymous and no personal identifiable information is collected. Once you start the survey you must complete the survey in one setting. If you exit the survey before completing it, your responses will be discarded and you will need to start a new survey to submit your responses. The surveys will be available until the end of this school year. Please complete only one survey for the school year. To complete the survey, click on a link below that corresponds to your role: parent or guardian, Cadet, or Instructor. When you click a link, your browser will be redirected to an Advanc-ED site where you will complete the survey.    

If you are a parent or guardian, click this link:

If you are an Army JROTC Cadet, click this link:

If you are an Army JROTC Instructor, click this link:

Thank you for visiting your new JROTC Web Portal. We appreciate your visit, and ask that if you have ideas for how we can improve the site, please contact us at

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