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Establishing a JROTC Program:

The Army Junior Officers' Training Corps has 1,701 units which represent all 50 states and several overseas locations. Currently, the Army has reached its funding limit for JROTC programs, however, further expansion will occur when funding becomes available.

The Army provides each JROTC unit: uniforms, instructional and other materials, and shares the cost of the military instructors. School officials or other parties interested in establishing a JROTC program should contact the appropriate Cadet command Brigade Headquarters.
Mail completed applications to the appropriate Brigade address below for your state.

2nd Brigade:
(CT, MA, ME, NH, NJ, NY, PA, RI, VT, Germany, Italy) Schools = 110
US Army Cadet Command
Bldg 5212 Maryland Avenue
Fort Dix, NJ 08640-5240
Phone: (609) 562-4448
Fax: (609) 562-2041

3rd Brigade:
(IA, IL, KS, MN, MO, ND, NE, SD, WI)
Schools= 116
3rd Brigade
US Army Cadet Command
Great Lakes Naval Base, Bldg 73
Great Lakes, IL 60088
Phone: (847) 688-3328, ext 126
Fax: (847) 688-3259

4th Brigade:
(DC, DE, MD, NC, SC, VA, WV)
Schools = 315
US Army Cadet Command
2175 Reilly Road, STOP A
Fort Bragg, NC 28310-5000
Phone: (910) 432-4499
Fax: (910) 396-3854

5th Brigade:
(AR, AZ, CO, NM, OK, TX, UT, WY)
Schools = 306
5th Brigade
US Army Cadet Command
1939 Buck Road, 2nd Floor
Ft. Sam Houston, TX 78234-5050
Phone: (210) 295-2009
Fax: (210) 295-2017

6th Brigade:
(AL, FL, GA, LA, MS, PR, VI)
Schools = 451
6th Brigade
US Army Cadet Command
246 Blanton Road, Bldg 1031, Suite 100
Hunter Army Airfield, GA 31409
Phone: (912) 315-8460
Fax: (912) 315-7800

7th Brigade:
(IN, KY, MI, OH, TN)
Schools = 214
7th Brigade
US Army Cadet Command
1468 Eisenhower Avenue
Fort Knox, KY 40121-5610
Phone: (502) 624-8299; (502) 624-1496
Fax: (502) 624-6241

8th Brigade:
(AK, AS, CA, GU, HI, ID, MP, MT, NV, OR, WA, Korea, Japan)
Schools = 163
8th Brigade
US Army Cadet Command
Attn: JROTC Ops Section, MS 83
Box 339500
Joint Base Lewis McChord, WA 98433-9500
Phone: (253) 966-7184
Fax: (253) 477-3540

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