JCIMS: JROTC Command Information Management System

Click here to log into JCIMS

Instructors: You can obtain your UserID and Password for JCIMS is the same DS Login used for the Web Portal and JUMS

JUMS: JROTC Unit Management System

JUMS is the system of record used by Army JROTC Instructors at each unit to:

  • Document Cadet enrollment and participation in the JROTC program at the unit level.
  • Manage Cadet records, awards, promotions, positions, and fitness tests
  • Document unit and Cadet participation in co-curricular events, including school and community support or service activities
  • Document the issue and turn-in of Cadet uniforms and instructional materials
  • Compile and submit annual program reports
The URL for JUMS is https://jums.usarmyjrotc.com
JUMS is designed to work with Internet Explorer 11 which is the default web browser used by the Army. Many features in JUMS will not work correctly with other web browsers.
Click here to download the JUMS Users Guide dated February 15, 2018
Click here to download the JUMS JSOCC Introduction dated August 7th, 2018
Contacting JUMS Help

The fastest, easiest and most reliable source of "help" for JUMS is the JUMS User Guide. The JUMS User Guide contains step-by-step instructions for the majority of functions performed by users in JUMS. Users are encouraged to review and follow the JUMS User Guide instructions prior to submitting a service order to the HRC Service Order Desk.

JUMS Help Desk support is provided by the HRC Desktop Support Team. Contact the Help Desk at 877-272-1330 or 502-613-7777 or email usarmy.knox.hrc.mbx.it-help-desk@mail.mil. Please include your first and last name, phone number, and the name of your school, city, and state in your message. Provide a brief synopsis of the issue and screen shots of any error messages received.

Please do not call or email HRC Desktop Support for Instructor account assistance - HRC Help desk personnel cannot review or provide assistance for your account. Accounts are managed by your Brigade S6 personnel.

Account/Login Information
JROTC Staff and Cadre

JROTC staff and Cadre must have a DS Logon premium account or CAC card to access JUMS.

For assistance creating a DS Logon account or resetting your DS Logon password please call: DS Logon Technical Support at 1-800-477-8227

If you have a premium DS login account or a CAC card and cannot access or login to JUMS, please contact your assigned Brigade S6 for assistance. JROTC staff and Cadre account permissions for JUMS are assigned and managed in JCIMS by the brigade S6 staff.

JROTC Cadets

JROTC Cadets who based on their assigned role require access to JUMS must establish a My.GoArmy.com account per the procedures in Appendix D of the JUMS User Guide. Once the Cadet has established an account, the JROTC Instructor must enter the account information into JUMS per the procedures in para 3-9 of the JUMS User Guide.

JUMS Training

The JUMS training site is a "mirror image" of each schools production JUMS. The site looks and functions like production JUMS. The training site is designed to provide instructors and staff the opportunity to learn JUMS in an environment that will not affect Cadet records, awards, promotions or events in production JUMS. Information entered into the JUMS training site will NEVER transfer to production JUMS.

JUMS Upgrades and Enhancements

JUMS Defect and Enhancement List (.xlsx) A list of known JUMS defects and future enhancements which will be fixed or incorporated into JUMS on future releases.

JUMS Best Practices

IOG JROTC Cadet Graduation Plans (.doc)

Cadet S3 Event Work Sheet Planning Guide (.pdf)

E-mail questions and suggestions on JUMS to the HQ JROTC JUMS Manager Gracie Park.