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Announcement (14 Dec 2018):

Per the attached USACC OPORD, Brigades and JROTC units may use appropriated FY19 MPA funds for laundry, alterations, and purchase of accoutrements for uniforms already on-hand. Brigade's and units are not authorized to use MPA funds to purchase any ASUs, ACUs, OCPs, shoes, boots, or other uniform-related items until further guidance. Please review the attached OPORD for additional information. Please direct questions to your Brigade JROTC staff points of contact.

FEDMALL has replaced DOD EMALL instructions are forth coming.

Women's pumps are now available on MILSTRIP through JROTC Dogtags. These are Capp pumps, the same as available through AAFES. The price is competitive at $74.80 each, however when you buy 2 you get a 3rd pair.

They are ordered using the number JDT-25-014-MS.

Once ordered, JROTC Dog tags will contact you for the sizes.




Supply Training Handbook (.docx)

Example of a JROTC Property Accountability Document. (.pdf)

Instructions for ordering Student and Instructor printed text material to support the JROTC Curriculum.

BOI (.xlsx) | BOI Notes (.xlsx)

BOI for Equipment for Army JROTC Units (.docx)

This is currently being reviewed for updates, and comes from the Army System FEMSWEB.

Click the link to go to the FMSWEB for those who can access it.

Instructions for ordering uniforms

The Basic Fitting Guide for Army Service Uniforms (ASU) Men/Women ASU Fitting Guide (.pdf)

Changing Media Status Codes (.pptx)

Check your DODAAC address (.pdf)

Developing a Fund Cite to Order on EMALL - Revised (.pdf)

MILSTRIP (DOD Emall) - Revised (.pptx)

Instructions for ordering Maps from DLA

Maps come from DLA at no cost to the requestor.

The requestor has to have a DOD EMALL account and the ability to request via MILSTRIP. Once they have that access, they simply input the NSN of the map they want, the qty needed and order the maps. (Ensuring that the method of payment is MILSTRIP not GPC)

Instructors Logistics System Set-up Packet

Steps to register your Token CaC card (.pdf)

Combined Sample AMO Packet Sample Contract for Services (.pdf)

Air Rifle Information

Property Book Information for the New Drill Rifle - M1903 Facsimile (6/2008)
Nomenclature: Rifle, Drill Facsimile
NSN: 6910-01-519-4121
Manufacturer: Daisy
Model: M1903

Information on the M1/1903 Drill Rifle Turn-ins (6/2008):

When new drill rifles are received, the old drill rifles (M1903/M1) must be turned into your support installation, unless an exception to policy has been approved (see below for format). Please be advised that a technical inspection will not be necessary when these drill rifles are turned in. Contact your brigade for any additional information.

Exception to Policy for M1/M1903 Drill Rifles (6/2008):

Requests will be sent via email through Brigade HQs

SUBJECT: Request for Exception to Policy

  1. Request approval to exceed the forty-five (45) drill rifles allowed per CTA 50-909. The total number of drill rifles on hand will be _____.
  2. Justification:
  3. If approved, this request must be kept on file and updated annually.
  4. POC/phone#:

New Daisy Drill Rifle Replacement Part Diagram (with prices) (.pdf): (5/2008)
There is a 30 day warranty on the rifles. After 30 days, OMA funds will be used for replacement parts. JROTC's POC for replacement parts is:

Denise Johnson
Daisy Outdoor Products
Special Markets/Customer Service
(479) 621-4317

Property Book Information for the New Drill Rifle - M1903 Facsimile (6/2008)
Information on the M1/1903 Drill Rifle Turn-ins (6/2008)
Exception to Policy for M1/M1903 Drill Rifles (6/2008)
New Daisy Drill Rifle Replacement Part Diagram (with prices): (5/2008)

ACU Presentation

ACU Presentation (.ppt)
The ACU Shoulder Sleeve Insignia is now available in WARFIGHTER under the JROTC Market Basket.