Instructor Distance Learning

Army Learning Management System (ALMS)

JROTC Course Registration Instructions on the ALMS (.ppt)

ALMS Login (Do an advanced search for "jrotc") The ALMS site performs best in Internet Explorer.

The present means of logging in and registering for JROTC Courses in Distance Learning is an interim step to a final solution. None of the completion data from the old system will be lost, but it will probably be until mid-December before the conversion is complete. Members can take whatever training they need now in the ALMS and when the data is converted none of the ALMS completion data will be overwritten with the converted data. Once we have made the complete transition instructors will show as automatically registered in the courses and their completed courses will show up on the transcript page. There will be automatic notifications when it is time for the annual required lessons to be taken as well as when anything new is added that will require attention.

Need Technical Assistance?

For assistance click on this link: The Army Training Help Desk (The ALMS site performs best in Internet Explorer.)

This link displays the Army Training Help Desk site. You will need to log in with your AKO username/password or Token Card. Review the FAQs to see if you can solve your situation and if you need further assistance, click on "Submit a Trouble Ticket" and address your issue there.

For live assistance contact the DLS Help Desk at 1-877-251-0730

To fix certificate problems when logging into ALMS, follow these steps:
  1. Go to:
  2. Click on InstallRoot (.zip) and save it to your desk top.
  3. Click on InstallRoot (.zip) and save it to your desk top.
  4. Go to your desk top and click 3.06A and click Run, then do the same for 3.06B.
Basic and Advanced Distance Learning

Click here (.pdf) to view the DL courses required for JROTC instructors. The basic DL consists of 22 courses and the advanced DL consists of 4 courses. The basic DL must be completed within 6 months of hire. The advanced DL must be completed within 2 years of hire. Instructors must check the DL regularly because each time a course is updated or added it must be completed. Once any of the updates are completed a new certificate will be available. The course description includes time estimates that can convert to Continuing Education Units (CEU) schools should consider in their professional education requirements.

One Basic DL and Four Advance DL courses are required to meet the Department of Defense certification requirement for JROTC instructors:

Basic DL

EDU 105 Contemporary American Education/Dynamic Teaching. NOTE: This course is a compilation of all of the educational areas in the basic course. Since it adds new materials instructors are required to take it again even if they have completed the basic DL. The book, What Works in Schools by Robert Marzano, is NOT required to take the course. The Quantum Learning CD and Brain Compatible Learning DVD are the supplementary tools that are used in this course. The CD and DVD are available in all Army JROTC units as well as in the Learning and the Brain and Secondary Methods books.

Advanced DL

Update: Advanced DL courses are available on the Army Learning Management System.

  • Z EDU 106 Secondary Methods.
  • Z EDU 107 Learning and the Brain
  • Z EDU 108 Educational Psychology
  • Z EDU 109 Classroom Management
The Good Teacher Ethics Training

Please follow the link below to access the ethics training course.

  • JROTC The Good Teacher Ethics Training Course

Textbooks (Classroom management, Learning and the Brain, Secondary Methods, and Educational Psychology) are required for the courses and can be ordered electronically through the U.S. Army Publishing Agency in St. Louis, MO, using the U.S.APA website at Curriculum inventory items and ordering procedures can be found under Curriculum/Forms and Publications.

The Quantum Learning CD and Brain Compatible Learning DVD are required for the EDU 105 in the Basic Course (Contemporary American Education/Dynamic Teaching). The Quantum Learning CD is in the Learning and the Brain Text and the Brain Compatible Learning DVD is in the Secondary Methods text.