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Curriculum Manager (CM):

The purpose of the Curriculum Manager (CM) is to give instructors easier access to the Army JROTC and 3rd party curriculum. The CM is a software application that organizes all of the Army JROTC Curriculum materials into a centralized integrated object repository. The CM is seamlessly integrated with the Classroom Performance System (CPS) hardware. By integrating CPS with the CM application, instructors are able to import Cadets from the JROTC Unit Management System (JUMS) database into the CM. All of the lessons (Core and Elective) are hosted in the CM application. Instructors are able to search and filter lessons by LET Level, Unit, and Credit (Health, PE, History, Government, etc).

Each lesson in CM identifies all the educational materials needed for the lesson, including 3rd party products like the WILL Interactive videos. Instructors also have access to screen savers, reference materials, Cadet Reference, etc from any lesson. The CM application enables instructors to have all of their teaching materials located in one centralized location, which is portable on an external hard drive.

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