Master Training Schedule

The Program of Instruction (POI) provides the minimum program requirements and identifies mandatory lessons for each Leadership Education and Training (LET) level. The POI is based upon a systematic progression of learning. It builds upon previous capabilities but also allows instructors great deal of flexibility to meet school requirements.

The Master Training Schedule (MTS) can be used for traditional and block schedule programs. If more than 180 hours are taught, put additional hours in approved electives where they will be taught. This model concentrates on completing core courses up front. When adding additional lessons to the core courses they should be placed in the JROTC elective hours. The term "hours" is defined for JROTC courses the same as it would apply to any school system. A unit hour translates as a 45/50-minute block of instruction/class period. Schools on an accelerated block provide 90/100 minutes of instruction that can be taught as two 45 and 50 minute classroom sessions.

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