Child Care National Agency Check and Inquiries (CNACI)


In accordance with Department of Defense Instruction (DODI) 1402.5 and Army Directive 2014-23 Child Care National Agency Check and Inquiries (CNACI) background investigations are required for all individuals who have regular contact with children under 18 years of age.
Army Directive 2014-23 (.pdf)


All individuals who regularly interact with children under 18 years of age in Army sponsored and sanctioned programs are required to undergo specific initial background checks and periodic re-verifications. These individuals include JROTC Instructors and any other person reasonably expected to have regular contact with children in performance of their duties or services in an Army sponsored or sanctioned program or activity.


  • DO NOT download and return any of these forms until your receive a notification letter from the Chief, Instructor Management Division. Documents will not be accepted without a prior notification letter; you will be liable for all costs. DO NOT send any PII (Protected Information), Background Information, or any other Personal Information via email.
  • JROTC instructors currently serving as an instructor is not considered a "new hire" for purposes of the background checks. They still need the checks, but needing the check doesn't preclude an instructor from transferring schools within the district, outside the district or to another state.
CNACI Questions

If you have questions regarding CNACI you can send them to the following email address:

Required Forms
  • The CNACI Investigation Packet must be completed on a laptop or desktop computer.
    This is a tablet/mobile device: please use a laptop or desktop computer to complete the CNACI Investigation Packet.
    This is a laptop/desktop: Download CNACI Investigation Packet (.pdf) (17 DEC 2020)
Additional State Required Forms

State forms have been updated to reflect Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency (DCSA). DCSA is no longer accepting State Request Forms that utilize their old name Office of Personnel Management (OPM). Please complete the forms as required and submit with your CNACi packet.

Alabama additional requirements: Arkansas additional requirements: Colorado additional requirements: Illinois additional requirements: Indiana additional requirements: Iowa additional requirements: Kentucky additional requirements: Minnesota additional requirements: Mississippi additional requirements: New Hampshire additional requirements: New Jersey additional requirements: New Mexico additional requirements: New York additional requirements: Ohio additional requirements: Rhode Island additional requirements: South Dakota additional requirements: Tennessee additional requirements: Texas additional requirements: West Virginia additional requirements: