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The Army JROTC Program is one of the largest leadership and citizenship-focused programs for youth in the world.

Since its inception in 1916, the program has grown exponentially; however, there are some key factors that have contributed to its success. Two of these factors are the 314,000+ Cadets in the program and the Instructors who motivate them to be success stories.

The Army JROTC program needs the best Instructors possible to continue its historic success. If you are an Army Retiree and you think you have the “Right Stuff” to be a JROTC Instructor, please review the following web pages:

  • Prerequisites
  • The Application, Qualification, and Certification Process
  • Physical
  • The Pay
  • Licensing
  • FAQ
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Pay Physical Prerequisites
An Overview of Army Instructor Employment Opportunities

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JROTC Interviewers list  - Updated March 17, 2017 -
Before You Get Started  - What you should know before you apply -

Pay Announcement:

Effective 1 January 2015, the Army will cost-share newly hired instructors for 310 days, which includes 10 days for summer training events and logistical requirements. The DD Form 2767 should only reflect 300 days. The additional 10 days should be reported to us on a memorandum with the exact dates of summer training events and logistical requirements.  Also, if the JCLC dates fall within the 300 days then a memorandum is not required, as is the process now.  All currently employed instructors, or transfer instructors within the same school districts, will remain on their current cost-share reimbursement, unless he/she accepts a new position outside their current school district is considered a new hire and will be cost-shared for 310 days.

The last resort to achieve possible future financial uncertainties would be to place currently employed instructors on a 310 day cost-share reimbursement.  However, if we must place all instructors on a 310 day cost-share reimbursement, we will make every effort to inform you as early as possible to allow you the time to work with your school district and adjust your work schedule.  Your school district may elect to pay above the minimum cost-share reimbursement (310 days), provided the agreement is at no cost to the government.

Information Awareness Documents:

JROTC Employment:

AJROTC currently operates 1731 programs the success of AJROTC would not be possible without the dedication of its JROTC Instructors. Each AJROTC unit is staffed with a minimum of one retired Army Officer and one retired Noncommissioned Officer. No MOS or career field is required for instructor duty. Desirable prerequisites are teaching and experience working with youth groups; and experience in leadership, supply, administration, and drill and ceremony.

Hiring Process: Effective immediately, Army Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (JROTC) will no longer operate in “good faith” when hiring instructors. No instructors (cost-shared or non cost-shared) will be placed in the classroom without official written notification from JROTC Instructor Management Division (IMD), this also applies to the transferring of instructors. The written notification from IMD will include the effective date of cost-share. The school can continue to request an effective hire date on the DA Form 2767, however, the effective date of cost-sharing will be provided by IMD once all required documents are received and the instructor has been processed through IMD. This action eliminates the “good faith” period between the hire date and the effective date of cost-share. Please contact IMD for additional clarification if required.

MANDATORY TRAINING for New Applicants: Professional Ethics and Prevention of Educator Misconduct.

OFFICER INSTRUCTORS: Officer Instructors are required to have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree, from an accredited college or institution recognized by the Department of Education (DOE) or the Council of Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA).

ENLISTED INSTRUCTORS: Noncommissioned Officers (NCOs) must have an Associate’s Degree five years from the date of hire from an accredited college or institution recognized by the Department of Education (DOE) or the Council of Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA). Presently, 60% of all NCO Instructors have at least a Bachelor's degree or higher degree.

All AJROTC instructors are deeply involved in their communities. They teach leadership education curricula. They also serve as liaisons between the Army and civilian agencies and perform career and performance counseling for AJROTC Cadets. They help plan and support activities like military balls, cadet competitions, Cadet newspaper production, military ceremonies, community service, and charitable activities. They provide instruction in drill and ceremonies and in the principles of leadership and management. In short, the instructors devote themselves to the Cadets in the classroom and during extensive extracurricular activities. Their hard work and devotion have resulted in an AJROTC program which is highly acclaimed on local and national levels. Recently retired or within six-months of retiring Army service members may request information on how to become AJROTC instructors by calling 1-800-347-6641.

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