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The Waynesville JROTC Raiders finished in second overall at the Wentworth Miltiary Academy meet:

The Waynesville JROTC Raiders finished second overall from a field of 22 teams at the Wentworth Military Academy Raider Meet on Sept 18.  

“We missed 1st place by just one point,” said Col.(R) Charles Williams, JROTC senior Army instructor. “The top 3 teams were separated by only 1 point.  The next closet team was 25 points away. While we were one point shy of an overall title, 2nd place overall is amazing considering all the transitions. This is huge, as the best teams in the nation are in our region, and were all at this competition.”

In addition to placing second overall, Waynesville took:

- 1st place in the Raider Challenge, which included a tractor tire flip, water can relay, carrying a 5-gallon water can across a balance, dragging a water can, 75 bench presses and sit-ups with a 100 pound pole (4 cadets on each pole), and the HMMWV pull.

- 2nd place 10k Road March, which is a run with the team in uniform with boots; each carries individual equipment and they pass around the team rucksack.

- 2nd place Team APFT (Army Physical Fitness Test = Two Minutes of Push-Ups, 2 Minutes of Sit-Ups, and a 2-mile run in uniform)

Earning 2nd place and third place in the Female APFT (High Individual Score) were Waynesville cadets Stephanie Trudell and Madelyn McDonald, respectively.
“I am very, very proud of these kids,” Williams said. “My expectations this year were hopeful, but reserved due to the loss of over 50 percent of our core team members due to graduation and PCS. Nevertheless, our next generation stepped into some big shoes, didn't miss a beat and continued our tradition of excellence and winning.”

Next up is Smith-Cotton (Sedalia) on Sept. 30 and Oct. 1. 


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