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Waukegan High School Cadets Make National News.

Wednesday November 11th, the Waukegan High school JROTC Bulldog Regiment in Waukegan, IL; along with hundreds of other cadets around the world, marched in their hometown’s Veterans’ Day Parade hosted by the Waukegan American Legion Post #281. Little did they know that they would make national news.  As always, the cadets were dress-right-dress and ready to participate in the day’s activities and MSNBC caught them in action.

First known as Armistice Day, Veteran’s Day is when the nation honors those who fought for our country. In their honor the Regiment has been marching in the parade, rain or shine, for years now. With over 750 cadets, the Regiment is the largest participating party in the parade stretching at least two blocks with nine companies broken down into three battalions as well as the largest stand-alone program in the country. The cadets are proud each year to march in the parade to honor our past and present soldiers. Standing tall and looking good these cadets represent the discipline, citizenship, and leadership that is taught in the program and were more than willing to give back to their community by participating in such a prestigious event.

At the conclusion of the parade the Regiment continued to march through the neighborhood back to the campus. Many Veterans and family members that were not able to attend the parade; were grateful to view the sea of cadets from their porches and sidewalks, marching silently through the streets of their community with only the sound of the snare drums. One Veteran stated that it reminded him of when they marched through the streets when they returned home from the Vietnam War. Once the cadets reached the campus they took a commemorative photo. The photo was taken in front of the exact same building that Waukegan cadets took almost 100 years ago.

Story by:
SFC (Retired) Tinthy Harper
Waukegan High School Instructor

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