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Vincent High School JROTC cadets interview Veterans at Colonel Robert L. Howard State Veterans Home:
Anna Jackson listens closely to Ms. Mary Burton as she tells of service overseas during WW2

On Thursday, September 25th, 2014, twenty-five Vincent High School JROTC cadets went to the Colonel Robert L. Howard State Veterans Home in Pell City.  While there, they interviewed the veteran residents, listened to war stories and had one1-on-one talks with Veterans. 

One student interviewed a Marine veteran who told about helping to raise the flag on Mt. Suribachi, Iwo Jima. Two of the students interviewed a Navy veteran who was serving as a sailor on the USS Arizona on the morning of Dec 7th, 1941.  Another student interviewed an Army paratrooper who made two combat jumps in Europe during WW2.  Two students interviewed an Army veteran who was a POW in Germany during WW2.
Ashlon Buie listens to Mr.  Hilman Prestridge tell about his military service.

The veteran showed them his map of all the POW camps in Germany, and described in detail the route that he traveled on foot as they were marched from camp to camp across Germany and into Czechoslovakia, ending up near Prague when Germany finally surrendered. Other cadets heard stories of service that were equally fascinating.  Cadets learned the value of their freedom and were appreciative of their service. 
Jud George and Daniel James listen to Mr. Joseph Massey tell about his path across Germany during WW2.

It was a memorable and touching trip and JROTC is looking forward to going back again.

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