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The Waynesville JROTC Raider Team recognized for second place finish at nationals:

The Waynesville JROTC Raider Team was recognized during the December Board of Education meeting for receiving second place overall in the Mixed Team Category at the 2015 U.S. Army Cadet Command Raider National Championships in Molena, Ga., on Nov. 6 and 7, missing first place by only a few points.

There are 1,732 high schools with JROTC programs around the world and 60 teams – representing the best of the best from the 12 U.S. brigades – competed at nationals.
Waynesville’s JROTC Raider Team’s individual competition results are as follows:
-1st Place Cross Country Liter Carry
-2nd Place 5k Run
-3rd Place Physical Team Test
-5th Place Gauntlet
-7th Place Rope Bridge   

From more than 60 competitors, Waynesville’s Madeline McDonald placed third in the ultimate Raider, missing second place by 1 second.

Leading up to Nationals, the Raiders finished in first place at four of their fall competitions and second place at one.  

Team Members are: Chris Alvarez, Jacob Askins, Madison Conaster, James Fry, Erich Gries, Ashtin Kuhn, Walter McKee, Madelyn McDonald, Daniela Medina, Mason Michaels, Willie Secules, Alex Shick, Nick Simpkins, Stephanie Trudell and EJ Warren.

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