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The United State Air Force Honor Guard joins Sidney Lanier JROTC Battalion Honor Guard Drill Team performing at the Fiesta Celebration:

As a part of the Fiesta celebration in San Antonio Texas, which honors the memory of the heroes of the Alamo and the Battle of San Jacinto, the Sidney Lanier JROTC Battalion (San Antonio Independent School District) had the honor and privilege of having the United State Air Force Honor Guard from Washington D.C. perform for them on 18 April 2016. The Honor Guard Drill Team performance featured a professionally choreographed sequence of show-stopping weapon maneuvers, precise tosses, complex weapon exchanges, and a walk through the gauntlet of spinning weapons. The Drill Team also provided an incredible performance centered on a stationary drill commander, flanked by four team members who simultaneously hurl their 11-pound weapons over and around the commander performing a sequence of events unmatched by any other professional military drill team.

The Cadets, student body and administrators thoroughly enjoyed the performance.  The Drill Team which works with the Air Force Recruiting Service to provide presence in hundreds of locations really inspired and motivated the Army JROTC Cadets. Additionally, the Honor Guard Team provided a wealth of mentorship to the cadets.  The team tours various Air Force bases and community events across the globe, as well as providing performances to thousands visiting the Nation's Capital at various national monuments. 



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